Your Time Is NOW!

                    THE TIME.
     Isaiah 60:1…Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thy...
    Time is define as the measurable period, during which an action, process, or condition exist or continues or take place. To make it simple, time is DURATION.
           Time began when God created the universe. But before time, God was has been existing. He made it simply because He want us to mark a special change that occur in our live. We live in a physical world with its known time.
          However, God dwell in a different dimension (the spirit realm) beyond the perception of our physical senses. And that’s why He does things at His own time (perfect time).
       The next question geminating in your mind now is, when is God’s time? The answer is simple. Every time is His time. And that is why we are cannot predict when God answers prayer. He attended to people every day, every hour and seconds.
     However, one thing we must understand about God’s time is that, it is absolutely perfect. His timing is early and never too late. Our human nature makes waiting for God’s timing a hardest thing to do for us.    We want whatever we want NOW!  and with our modern technological advances now, we’re often able to get what we want with immediate effect. As a result, we are only losing our patient, but also finding it so hard to discern God’s timing.
       Most of us tend too worried when we are been delayed. We get stressed, we started complaining, we become fatigue and uptight. We began to judge ourselves through what people says about us. We create interest on their stories while we condemn ourselves right before them.
       The only reason why King Saul ended his kingship in a sorrowful way was because of impatient. He wanted to please the Israelite and proves himself. But he had forgotten that there is divine timing for the sacrifice he wanted to do.  He only had to waits some minutes more before Prophet Samuel came. But impatient destroyed what he had labored for. Impatient leads to unwanted problems.
       Worry makes us miserable. So, stop fretting, and begin to trust God and allow Him to work in you and through you while you are delayed on the way to your promised land.
   Am not disputing the fact that waiting on God’s time is hard. When we desperately need a brisk answer to our prayers and nothing seems to show forth. Our trust in God can be tested, and that’s why timing is up to Him but trusting in Him is up to us. You may be in a situation when you have been waiting on God. May be you are waiting on Him for healing, new job, home, and some kind of change that you desperately right now and nothing happened; and asking yourself what of if God isn’t He going to answer your prayer and time is not on your side. Hmmm, know this for sure, it is the time you think it’s over that God is ready to change your story.
        God loves to see His children happy. He will not hold back His promises about you. But He might not want to work in your own schedule. When we are in the middle of waiting on His time, it can be very difficult to understand the reason God seems so hard on us
        The time that we think we needed Him most, is the time He wants us to wait a little. Then, He wants us to grow and shaped us during the waiting time for the right thing to come along. We will now know how what we thought we needed was different to the greater purpose that He has on mind for us..

1..Psalm 118:1…Give thanks to the Lord. For He Is good and His faithfulness endures forever..
     Lord Jesus, though am a sinner you save by your death on the cross. I will never be never be an ingrate for your faithfulness upon my life.
     I come to thank you for my past, present and for the future. Receive my thanks oh Lord.

2. John 14: 15-17a… If  love me, obey my commandment. And i will ask the father, and He will give you another advocate, who will never leave you. He is the Holy-Spirit who will lead you into all truth..
     Holy Spirit, the great comforter, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ to come to my aids. Am ready to obey you and love God more.
     Fill me with new strength and renew my heart. Teach me to know God more and more, help me to do what is right so that people will see your glory in my life as from now. Amen.

3. Mathew 11:28… Come unto me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burden, and I will give you rest..
      Father Lord Jesus, this was one of your promises to give your children rest. If only they come unto you. Lord, I have come before you today and I surrender everything at your feet today.
     Lift my burden of pain, sorrow, barrenness, failure, ill-luck, stagnation, spiritual laziness etc. give me rest.
      Restore every good things that I need back unto me. Do not cast me away in thy presence anymore.
     Take charge of my life and give me happiness and I will be forever be grateful unto you. Blessed be your name, Amen
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Well said pastor we have to trust God for His time is the Best and His ways are not our ways so when we think we would receive response to our request, may not be the best time for us. So let's wait o the God because he makes all things beautiful in His own time
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