Know Who God Want You To Be

God will help you to be all you can be, but He will not help you to be somebody else. When you try to be somebody else, you lose yourself in the process.
     God wants us to fit into His divine plan, not yield to pressure and try to fit into other people ability. Don't get me wrong;it is right to be different. Find out what you are called to do and know what you are good at. Throw yourself into it wholeheartedly and you will begin to experience joy. But when you try to do what somebody else is good at, you experience fiasco. Why? Because God has not assign you to do what they are doing.
    The important key is: FOCUS ON YOUR POTENTIAL not on your LIMITATIONS. we all have limitations and we must accept them. Know this, spiritually mature people know that God loves them the way they are and has plan for their life. So,  they are not threatened by the abilities and accomplishments of others. ( Galatians 5:26)
     Therefore, success begin from knowing what you are good at and doing it while failure is the Opposite.
         Live Right

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