LETTER TO THE INLAWS..... (prt2)...
        The last advise I gave was that, inlaws should be godly mentor to the couple. The past 5months in this year was full of inlaws issue in my counseling hour. And I discovered there are something inlaws must not do to have good reputation.
      Which are:
         inlaws should educate both couples to see marriage as real institution of life. Where they must contribute their efforts to make sure they are successful.
       Inlaws shouldn't impact wrong philosophy into the system of their children on how to treat themselves. Let them choose how to relate with each other.
      On no account should inlaws treat the husband of their daughter or vice-versa harshly because they are poor; or try to dictate for them. It will eventually cause future problem if one family is offended. ( love and humility is the way-out).
        Inlaws should never say this statement no matter what " WE MAKE THEM/THEIR SON/THEIR DAUGHTER TO BECOME SOMEBODY IN LIFE". Is a statement of War.
      We are all product of Help..
               Watch out prt 3.

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