The Benefits of struggle

           The Benefits of struggle.

     1 Cor 9:26..The Benefits of our struggle lies in overcoming obstacles. Which is what develops in us the qualities needed to fulfill God's will for our lives. And the truth is, it can't happen any other way.

    Do you think there is other way for Joseph to became Egypt prime minister without passing through prison? Daniel can't became ruler in Babylon without been Accused. Even Nelson Mandela can't  became South Africa President without his Experience...You asked why?  For us to be  able to comfort those who are in any affliction. When people know you are qualified to speak, they listen. Otherwise, they politely tune you out. Built into every problem that forces you to grow are the answers those around you need. 

       The second reason is, that we would not trust in ourselves. Get me clear here. Anything that caused you to turn to God and lean on Him is an asset, not liability.
    It is when we face difficult task or problem that we turn to God and discover what He can do.
      Finally, that thanks may be given. If you could remember what your life was before, you will thank God now. And, if you do not cede on your struggles and problems you will give thanks to God at the end.
Psalms 40:2 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit....

Written by SON-OF-FAITH

published by The Light Media.

        Remain blessed ..

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