Good morning. I'm happy to know that you are alive today. But I have a crucial question to ask you.
     Do you know the first law of Harvest? Oh! You said yes, Good. If yes, what does it means to SOW? Noo...that's not Sowing. Not just to plant. Listen, Sowing means to set something in action or active.
     Meaning that, your attitude towards others, your words, character, relationship, services and also your career are all part of what you are Sowing. Which will give you reward at the right time. Get it clear, Harvest is always greater than what we Sowed.
      Therefore,sow good things in people's life for great Harvest and, sow good things in your life too. Do not pay evil for evil,but overcome evil with good deeds. Sow in faith and be patient for the harvest. ( Gal 6:7).
    No human, career, ministry, dreams, family, relationship, or job etc... is worthless if we sow the right seed in them at the right time with the right mindset.
    As from today, I challenge you to sow good seed for the harvest is coming..
    ..(Rev 22:12)

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