Get Serious with God

1 Kings 18:44 Revealed that every success begins with somebody taking a small step or Sowing a small seed,which usually represents all they have at that moment.
     Therefore, if you are too big to start small, you can't start at all. The servant who kept telling Elijah nothing was happening, finally saw something. It was just a tiny cloud, but it had great potential.
     Get it clear, God loves to use things we think are insignificant. He used a boy's lunch to feed a multitude, a slingshot to bring down a giant, and a handful of clay to restore a blind man's eyesight. He can use a little job, a little money, or a little idea to bless you and change your story. Little clouds are indicators of what's coming; they are conduits God has chosen to use.
      Therefore, when God promises you something, He doesn't need anything big to make it happen. Often the change that impacts many, starts with one individual. God only need one person who believe Him and dares to set out on His word. Don't under estimate what God will use for you.
Stay blessed.

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