The Ladder

Good day.
   The scriptural account of Queen Esther ( Esther 4:1-17) exposed us to some vital keys of greatness.
     Follow me...
       We are all ladders to greatness but, knowing who to climb and when to climb is very essential. Naturally, we don't need ladders everyday but it will be easier if we are familiar or close to someone that has it. Which might reduce our cost when the need arises. And it will be easiest if we have it in reserve, and well maintained. So we are to each other .
     Your parents, uncle, neighbor, teacher, maid, driver, prophet, counselor, wife/husband, friend, children, physician, pastor, boss, in laws , staff etc.. can be our ladder. But who we are to them and what they are to us will determine  how and when to climb them.
    Therefore, no matter who you are or your profile in the society. Maintain good relationship with everyone because you never can tell who will be your helper (ladder) when the need arise.
     Be careful of pride.
         We are all ladders.
         ( Philippians 4:8, Hebrews 12:14).
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