Walking on water

      How would you feel if you walk on water? You'll feel so great. But the question is, CAN YOU WALK ON WATER?.. hmm, that seems difficult.
       It was difficult for the first mortal whose history recorded that he did walk on water. How was that possible? Because he has a FOUNDATION. And who was that?  His name is JESUS CHRIST.
      It wasn't a myth or fallacy that Peter walked on water. It was an action  based and grounded in the faith he had in Christ's word. Meaning, there is nothing on earth that the POWER IN CHRIST WORD cannot settle if you believe and trust it.
      Faith rooted in God's word have the undeniable power to raise you above all life challenging problems; and silent all threatened diseases. However, the world ideology and philosophy are the major reasons why people deviate from God's word. Many have fallen into irreversible shame because they took their eye off Jesus.
        Are you still rooted and grounded in God's word? Continue to walk on the water of life. Hebrews 12:1-10.
        Success is yours as you look  unto Him.

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