I and the THE LIGHT MINISTRY want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all readers and viewers of all our programs and messages.
      Let me appreciate everyone that contributed to the growth and success of my ministry and vision this year.
      I will not forget the good heart of those who corrected our errors in love and with humble spirit. Your deeds shall never be forgotten.
     To all our ministry representatives within and outside Nigeria, your contributions and love is unspeakable.
     We owe no one, we hold no Grudges, we hate nobody and we have no enemy.
     Thanks for all your gifts, love, time and concern.
     In year 2018, we have no failure record because we do what pleases God. "Everything works together for good, for those that Love God"
  My Prayer for you is
         May the Lord defend you from every storm assigned against your rising and personality in life.
         May the Lord shield you from strange winds that is blowing many away with their labour. May the Lord spare you and your household from dark plagues and pains.
         May the Lord stand for you and your family against every oppressive powers that wants to have you against divine will as one of their subjects.
         As year 2018 end today, your sorrow as come to an end.
    From the table of THE LIGHT MINISTRY.
  We love you all.
     Prophet/Evang E.B.VICTOR (Son Of Faith)

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