FAITH and SCIENCE.His is more than Scientist. Job 36:27.

I defined Science as System of Knowledge concerned with the Physical World. Which means this article is not to undermine the world of Science.

Bethren, when science says something is correct, believe that is a law and there’s no way it can be incorrect. 

One good example is Newton’s law of gravity proved to be correct. It’s scientifically proven, there’s no way to prove it wrong.

 But sincerely and in truth. I believe in a God that is unfathomable. Who can correct what Science proved impossible.

Science tells me,  A man born blind has no hope to see again - That is impossible and here is” My God tells me, “I can do what science says is impossible in Jeremiah 32:27 ” When Jesus restored the sight of the man born blind ( John 9:1:13) He defied science. And moreso, When Jesus rose Lazarus from the grave three days after his death, He defied science.

This is my personal Experience in the Ministry. In 1999, there was a woman in my church that every scan proved that she have no womb. Everyone in her husband family called her all sort of names. I and all the prayer warrior fasted for 21 days and prayed all nights that God should restore her womb. On the last day when we finished while everyone went to sleep. she woke up and she began to praise God in tears. She confessed that a man appeared unto her and said" I came to perfect my Work because your faith Moved me".  Today, the woman have 4 Children and 2 grand children.

God is greater than science.

There is no proof to these things. We can’t scientifically prove what God did is even possible. So, As Christian when you declare our devotion to Christ, Have faith that God has power greater than anything that is trying to present Him as lier  and that, He can answer what no human can do.

Hebrews 11:6 Revealed something strong about faith. Faith is the only Spiritual Currency to trade with God and receive amazing answer. It was Queen Esther's faith that Moved God on her behalf. 

Get it clear brethren, It was little of God's Knowledge that made many people today a Scientist. To provide physical solutions unto human. You need to be shocked when a Scientist says " Oh My God" it means God is needed when science can no longer provide Solution. 

Faith is the only Magnet that draw divine Solution when all hope is gone. Faith is hard to comprehend and is defined as “firm belief in something for which there is no proof.” Do you want to prove how an ax float on the water and a wood sank? 

In 2011, precisely in September 17. I came back home from Long mission work. As I entered the house. I saw people running up and down in tears. I asked what happened? Someone tells me my brother's twin baby Died. What a sad news. I was too tired to cry then I entered my room to have a nap. After a while i heard a knock on my door . It was my mother calling me and saying" son, will you be watching us in this situation? Then I felt grieved in my Spirit just as Jesus felt when He got to where Lazarus was buried. I knelt down to pray but my Spirit began to praise God and after some minutes the Lord said to me  the baby was sleeping that I should go and wake him, and I should just call His name 3 times, and the baby's life shall be restored. In a twinkling of eye, everyone began to sing praises to God. 

Readers, when everything is not going as planned or life seems so hard that is when faith truly has to come into play. 

In the aboved Scriptural passage. Job Friends Elihu, Magnified God in his speech to encourage his friend called JOB. He vehemently concluded in his faith that God is far greater than Science. 

Can Scientist command the Light without any attachment? But God did with just a sentence " LET THERE BE LIGHT " Genesis 1:3. Can scientist perform surgery without any equipment? But God did in just a nap of Adam (Gen 2:21-22). Can scientist restore the lame man? God did with Just a Word ( John 5:1-13) 

Can scientist prove how God created the water cycle sealed under the ground and how stones were made?.

In 2019, A professional Doctor from a well recognized Hospital in Nigeria told me that my daughter will be admitted for 6 months before she can survive when my wife gave birth. I felt the hand of God on me and I stood up against him and prophesy" as the Lord lives, this baby shall be discharged in 7 days. Brethren, my baby was released on the seventh day ,12:30pm to be precise. 

Readers, don't try to understand how God will do it, just Trust Him and have strong faith in Him. Today, God will give you twice of every good things you had lost in Life. Trust God and activate your faith ( John 15:7-9 ).

God's word is ever relevant if you do not doubt is potency in your life. Look up to the Sky and you will see how God display His glory ( Paslm 19 )

In Matthew 9, a woman had been dealing with constant bleeding throughout her body for 12 whole years, and was hoping that by touching Jesus she could be healed. Jesus noticed her efforts and said, “Daughter, Your faith has made you well.(Matthew 9:22).” 

Today, whatever healing, restoration, help, comfort, etc....you need, just believe in He that is Greater than Scientist will release your MIRACLE NOW! 

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