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       Welcome to the month of two-folds benefits. Philosophy have made it obvious and known that nothing emanates from vacuum. However,God's time-table doesn't give room for stagnancy but for progress and increase. let us decapsule the law of growth as we proceed.
     Law could mean many things in different contents on different words. but,it is a fixed words that needed to be understood before action proceed. The word law in Oxford dictionary means a rule of action or procedure. It is a regularity in a natural occurrences to do what one considers right. However, it is a binding force that capsuled what to be done to avoid punishment or failure. 

        Growth can be define as an increase of something from one stage to another;it may be in value or in size. in another vein, growth can be said as evolution of one's life from the zero stage to advancement through the act of diligence, commitment, studying and knowledge, which ,makes life more meaningful.

       Growth comes from building on talents, gift,and our inner strength and not by solving problems. One of the neglected areas in our lives is the area of the gifts God has deposited in us. it is amazing why many people like to waste their precious time and life on the profession that has nothing to do with their inborn talents. ,Many people had ignore their God's given abilities. why constantly seeking to change their natural makeup. In fact, many people spent their life time trying to change God's plan for their lives.
     The truth about God's gift is that they are permanent and enduring (Romans 12:29). God values His gift so much to the extent that He doesn't want us to toy with it. He want us to make good use of it through others to glorify His name in our lives. The greater the attention we give to God's gift or talents in our lives, the greater their values becomes and evident in our life. 
     God gifts are not loan but they are always a deposit. when it is used appropriately,it will enhance to grow and to become the person that we are created to be. if we want to grow to the fullest, then we need to discover our divine deposit that distinguished us from others to set our generation free. 
 These are some tools for growth:
  • Write down what you can do perfectly.
  • Make your plans in black and white.
  •  Write down your target.
  • Give your target time.
  • know the type of people you need.
  • Be ready to pay the price.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Build people to the science of your dream.
  • Prune your relationship with others.
  • Accepts who you are.
  • Your tithe is important
Growth requires people around you, your community and your country. no one with selfish ideas as ever grow in life. 

  1. It increases our knowledge.
  2. It makes our life valuable.
  3. It simplify our life-styles.
  4. It enable us to reach the needy.
  5. It is an act of fulfillment.
  6. It releases us from stagnation.
  7. It strengthened our faith in God.
  8. It exposes us to reality. John 8:32
  9. Growth holds us responsible.
  10. It impacts creativity.
  11. It extend our coast or terittory
  12. It gives insight to move forward
     if it is God's desire to live a fulfilled life. then, the only way to achieve it is by pruning and building on the talents He deposited in us. Besides, no human is more important than the task entrusted unto him.  STAY BLESSED...

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