Why Many failed as Christian

                                                           WHY MANY FAILED AS   CHRISTIANS.
                                                                                By Son Of Faith.
     The scriptural book of Corinthians thirteen verse five revealed the secret of Christian firmness in the Lord. But it is amazing that no or little Christians gives cognizance to it because we have been engrossed and glued with the world school of taught and in biblical philosophies of life.
    It is a bad omen that many Christians are drop-out in Christianity but claiming to be one through church services and profane confessions.  Let sit to learn from God’s point of view through His servant as we proceed.

MATTHEW 15:8-9.
    One of the most amazing disappointments in Christian circle is the number of people who decided they will no longer serve God but they wanted His blessing. Some had concluded in their mind not to serve God at all because their expectations are not what they experience. Now, they became victim of circumstances. They have developed the same attitude and spirit of an unbelievers.
    What many Christians thought as evangelism propaganda (John 10:10) was in the perspective it works. But the raw fact is, trials and silent season are part of life. Christianity does not exclude anyone from challenges of life but we were are made strong at the broken places because our victory is in Christ. (Romans 8:31-32)
     It has clearly been shown that not all who profess to be Christian really belong to Christ. Satan tired to destroy Christ work by placing false believers and teachers in the church and around us so that we can be lead astray (Matthew 7:22). However, because we failed to be up to God’s perfect standard doesn’t change the fact that good news is to be our goal and our message. We must grew daily in Christ till we die. Although , many a times true Christians do behave in an un christian manner out of maturity in faith or lack of understanding of what Christian life entails. But as we grew and mature in the spirit (1 Chor 13:11) and in faith, our lives should be more and more reflect the truth that we profess to believe (John 4:1-30)
    Lets examine some of the reasons why some Christians failed.
           Before we became Christian. We must have heard about the  Gospel. Believe it and obey it (Heb 5:9, Rom 10:17) we were taught that we must thereafter live a life of faithful service unto God. The process of edification informed us of our duties we sustain as God’s people. Through teaching, the blessing of faithful service are out-lined, just as punishment for disobedience was taught. But unfortunately, many Christian forgot what they have heard, (James 1:24-25)

   Isaiah 1:3…this is a stunning comparison! The animals know their master, where they belong, and who they are. But it is unfortunate that some Christian didn’t ;and that is why some fell away. They are thoughtless, they will not consider..
       When we obey the Gospel, God separated us from the world, adding us to the church. Many Christians have looked back longing to the way of the world. Because their desire for instant gratification and pleasure it brought. They had forgotten the sadness and heart-ache of sin. (1 John 2:15-17,Romans 12:2) they had forgotten the injunction “ love not the world” they are still living in the same old sinful way they were before they became Christian. (2 pet 2:20) they are lost to the Lord (Gen 3:9)

    One of the greatest mistakes we make is thinking you can’t be tempted because you are a Christian. This is old denomination doctrine which says “ ones saved is always save” the idea of these heresy is that God take control so that we cannot sin and be lost. But the point is that, it is a false doctrine.
     Christians are tempted, and some times we failed in living as we should (Gal 6:1) even during temptation, God always provide a way-out. But sometimes, we ignore them (1 Chro 10:13) although, some failed ignorantly because they don’t know the escape route. (Hebrew 4:15-16)
     1.Develop a strong faith in the Lord and in His work. Eph 6:10-16
2.Do the study and practice it. Don’t be a novice.
3. Be diligent in prayer. Heb 11:6
4. Associate with people of Christian faith.
5. We need the strength that comes from others that are strong in faith and fervent in prayer. Prov 27:17
      We do make mockery of unbelievers when they fall short of God’s grace. But, we had never for once examine ourselves what will be our reaction and attitude if we find ourselves in the same pit. Probably, we might even fail if care is not well taken. (2 Chor 13:15)

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