The Truth

      Truth they say is bitter.
How do you react to TRUTH?.
What is your reaction to whoever that tell you the truth?.
      Probably, they are your worst enemy or a mere preacher. But that is the only thing that can make you a better person you are created to be.
     I had never love my project supervisor until I left school because he was very straight in dealings. But now, His my best friend and mentor.
    There is no LOVE in deceit. It is better to get angry; even cry because you accept the truth than to wine in deceit.
     Stop being in the ship of FRIENDS of deceit. Love the truth, say the truth in love, tenderness and with positive mind.
    There is different between LOVE and DISCIPLINE. Love people that tell you the truth and be discipline with tenderness.
    So, awake now and start LivingRight. Happy weekend.
      Am Prophet E.B.Victor.

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