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     Stop holier than thou attitude of yours. Because you are careful in all you do doesn't mean you are perfect or you have no flaws or make mistakes in the past or in recent.
    It is very painful when i saw families, Christians, neighborhood, etc...abandon each other when they made mistake. Corrective measure and candid advise with encouragement to turn a new leaf should be the right medicine we are expected to give such person; and not to rain judgment on them as if we are God.
     A lot of souls have perished because we neglected them in their condition. We proved to be saint while we watch other people perish.
   If Jesus Christ is like you and me WHO will save us from the wrath of God? Therefore, this is a week to remember. THE PASSION OF CHRIST. Let us love each other without condition. Be a light for each other in darkness and help in time of need.
   So, awake now and start living right.
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               Am Son Of Faith.

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