A Paradise or Hell?

    The self-centered orientation we have today has affected everything around us including relationship between the in-laws and marriage.
     The virus as also affected all our day to day activities.
     The major reason why marriage is weak to be broken today is because  couples are standing against each other instead of building and understand each other to fight against anything that can thwart their family.
      In-laws are so cunning and deceptive in all manners; while one is trying to be superior than others, watching when to attack.
     I don't know when in-laws becomes hunter instead of uniting together to form strong wall of defence and finance for their children who just started a new life in a new world of experience.
      Oh no! What  are we turning this life into. A Paradise or a hell ?..
     The only way out is LOVE and UNITY with a pure heart towards each other.
    Read Psalm 133:1...Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!..
     Let us arise and start living right. Help broadcast.

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God bless you....

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