3 Fundamental Of Healthy Churches.


   MEN are the Pillars of the Church, 
Women are the beauty of the Church, while Youth and Children are the Future of the Church. 
So, churches that Repels men, Neglect her youth and children, but embraces the women only in her scheme of programmes and events will find that she will soon be on the way down.

1. Churches must deliberately attract MEN in large numbers
  The ministry to Men must be embraced and led by the Pastor. Men must be allowed to thrive and flourish in the church. We must do church in the way it will attract men. It is only when men are true, godly, faithful and spiritually strong that the church has a future. Let us stop bribing men with position, titles and collecting their monies only, without conscious effort to disciple them for Christ.

2. Churches must allow women to be true disciples of Christ, good supporters of their Husbands and mothers of their children. Those who are gifted for ministry must be given chances to use their gifts, but not to lord it over the church.

3. Churches must deliberately focus on raising their youths and Children for The Lord.
   If we neglect our children and youths, the devil will win them and the future of the church will be in jeopardy. That was the mistake of the church in Europe. They neglect their children and youth and Christianity is really struggling today in Europe.
     Let us specifically do church to focus on discipling,raising and building our children and youths for Christ.

      How healthy is your church?
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