I have seen both cold and warm water streaming together. I have seen a lion that protected a sheep from other wild animals. I have seen a barren woman that adopted three children and all of them became somebody in life. If life is all about what we achieve by our sweat and labour then grace and mercy of God is to no avail. But thank God is not. To live life is what others became through you,and that's lagecy. 
   It so sad that many people today are living like King Nebuchadnezzar. Whose power,wealth and fame has blind folded his eye. Getting to the top and break the bridge so that others will not pass. 
 Take for instance. A man got a sudden promotion at his place of work. Which gave him the connection with top people at the corridor of power earlier than normal
     It was just a miracle. Instead for him to help others through such position. He uses people for his advantage and self interest. Whosoever that want to use this man to get help at any place, he blocked them, pretending his working on their purpose but no. He stopped them and broke the ladder.
     After some years he had an issue which led him to need the connection of some people as guarantor and referees again but he had broken the ladder.
  Many people uses their manager's friend, boss wife or husband, landlord,  friends, colleagues, drivers, maids, wife/husband, brothers/sisters, prayer worriors, cooperatives, chairman, director, pastors, in-laws etc to get to top position they are today. But after getting there, they began to spot their mistakes and rude attitude they never noticed in them before. They bagan to avoid them and think negative about those whom God uses for them. They began to give excuses why they can't help them until those people are tired of asking. They block all necessary means that the people that needed their help can pass. 
     Readers, Doing good to others is not for those people is for yourself and your children. Doing bad to others is not for those people is for yourself and your family.
    Whatsoever you enjoyed in life even if its in a difficult period. Even if it caused you pain and sweat. It is your duty  to prepare the ground for those that are coming after you . That's what it takes to be an heroe and have a lagecy. Just like Awolowo, Nelson Mandela, McPherson ( Founder of Foursquare Church) Matin Luther king etc
    Don't break that ladder for those people that needs you today. Stop pretending you're helping people while you're not. They might be the same people you or your family will need tomorrow. No one owns the world because Life is a market. 
   If you can't help them don't block their way. Don't promise them and don't frustrate or discourage them. Stop causing distraction in their Life. 
   Remember  that the path you trend to the top was pave by someone, either know or unknow. Therefore, You have an obligation too to also pave for others. 
  The Chronicles in Genesis about Joseph revealed that he was betrayed and sowed out to slavery by his blood brothers. They thought they are selling him but they don't know they are sending him. Though Joseph suffered many things. Yet he had right perspective about life and about his Mandate. Instead of repaying his brothers for their evil. In Genesis 45 and 47,he said God sent him to Egypt to preserve their lives and the entire nation.
   How many people think like these today. Are you among them? If not, please have a changed mind as you're reading this and join people that raise others even when those you help doesn't appreciate it. 
         The book of Revelation says, His coming to reward people according to their deeds. And not according to their prayers. Someone can be a prayerful person and still be a wicked soul. 
   Therefore, don't forget that their is time to sow and time to reap. Life revolves to pay us
Incnclusion...Mathew 7:11-12..."Do unto others what you want them to do to you ..
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