Have you ever observed the conversations you have with God? Maybe you sound like a broken record that you cannot help but talk to him about every day. Then you suddenly realize this concern in your heart God has not only supplied all the resources to solve the problem it is the primary reason he created you. 
   There is a question that God has given you a burden for a specific problem that you were intrinsically designed for. Every small detail of your personality is personalized to fit God’s design for your life, you come custom made with a specific temperament, to serve your gift and talent to the world, your love, hate, anger, and passion is made with such exactness to fit your calling its mind blowing. 
    This problem has arrested your full attention to give up everything to resolve it, your consumed with zeal and passion to fight the good fight of faith that will not back down under any circumstances. You’re determined with all of your heart that this problem will be radically changed, because you’re not prepared to stop until you’ve made the difference that you long to see from the depths of your heart. 

     Have you ever considered how clearly God can see into your heart? It’s like the flood lights are turned on full beam, he understands everything about us before we even realized it about ourselves? He sees the motive of the heart, that is why he’s not so concerned with outward things, do’s and don’ts do not depict the truth in your heart. He knows the weaknesses you have before you even knew you had them. Yet regardless of all that he sees what drives your actions and why you do what you do, his understanding who can fathom. That is why in God’s grace he can see who you are at the core of your being and what you really seek, he knows what is your motivation, he can see your love and what is the driving factor of everything you do. 
     If you seek the truth you’re not taken by sensationalism or a miracle centered gospel or anything that will satisfy the flesh for today, what you really seek is the truth. You would give all when you discover the pearl of great price, then when you have discovered you have found the pearl of great price, it’s that passion that motivates and drives all your actions because you realize it’s the question you came to this earth to answer, as the opposite to the truth is any form of ignorance you detest this problem with all of your heart. 

      You know you’ve found your calling when three factors come into play your gift complements your love and hate. You have absolutely no excuse, the problem that you’re determined to tackle for the rest of your day’s God has already given you the gift to resolve it before you were even created in your mother’s womb. God said to Jeremiah “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. 
      This scripture is a prototype that God uses before he creates you and knits you together in your mother’s womb. He is so detailed in this process, he not only gives you all the equipment you need, but he sets up your path in details to make sure everything works out in such a way to prepare you for his calling. That is why we all have a different set of lessons and experiences to prepare you with the understanding you need to finally tune you to fit the calling of God. 

      We think life just happens by chance, it’s not until later on in years do you realize it’s not by chance, it was all sent to prepare you for your future. It depends on the problem God has sent you to this world to answer as to what experiences he will allow you to pass through. Whatever Satan meant for evil God will turn for good. You are not an accident, whatever you have passed through no matter how difficult it may have been was all set for whatever problem God has created you to resolve. 
    Moses was prepared in the desert for forty years shepherding sheep before God used him to Shepherd a nation.
     David was put in a field alone he learnt the art of war by having to constantly fend off the lion and the bear he was ready to bring down Goliath. 
     Joseph was prepared through the valley of affliction so that he would be ready to take care of the needs that faced Egypt and the world at large, he was fully prepared to meet those challenges. 
    Esther was living in the exact era in the right dispensation of times at the exact age she needed to be, for when the crisis was going to arise, when someone was needed with her temperament to face the king with courage she was even prepared to perish to save the Jews. 

Perhaps you were born for such a time as this. – Esther 4 v14 

      The more you can comprehend the magnificence of God’s plan and purpose for your life you will be in awe. We can view the stories in the bible from a holistic lens, they didn’t know what was going to happen such as Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego, yet God had already saved them from the fiery furnace before they stepped in. 
      The magnificence of God’s plan for your life cannot be fully understood until sometimes you can look back and see his plan unfold and your only in awe that everything is set up in such a way to fit his plan. 
     You will understand when you get a full picture why certain things had frustrated you, you never realized at the time those exact things that frustrated you are some of the question’s God has called you to answer. 

     I had always been concerned that the church was not outward focused to the lost it was not until I heard the gospel of the kingdom that I realized my frustration was in alignment with one of the issues I would confront. If you observe all those things that frustrate you, you will realize, it’s part of the preparation of God. I have never been one who is big on entertainment or ceremonies for the sake of tradition, because I would prefer to hear the truth. 
     I never knew why that frustration was always there, my idea of church is not to go to be entertained it is a serious calling to mobilize the kingdom of God on the earth. The church is the headquarters of the kingdom of God on the earth primarily to train people up to discover their promise land to bring in the lost. When the purpose of a thing is not being used to function as it was designed that is when it is not in alignment to the original intent in the mind of God it can’t please him when it is not doing what it ought to do. 

    That is the same with our purpose, if you waste your life doing what others want you to do for instance becoming a doctor when God has designed you to confront injustice. You were created to be a mouthpiece that will uproot the evil in your society he had given you all the inclinations to be in politics so you could uproot the opposing ideologies that will stop equality and bridge the gap for the righteousness of God in the helm of decision making in your government electorate. You will never live a fulfilled life if you’re not doing what you were design to by the almighty maker of your DNA, being strategically put together to fit that calling. That is a wasted life when we’re not functioning as we were designed. Then we will have to stand before God and account for our lives, he will say I gave you many opportunities, but you let status, money and the voices of others dictate your responses to life, therefore, you missed the road of purpose altogether. Just like a horse was created to gallop if it doesn’t discover its intrinsic nature it will never experience the freedom and joy that comes when you connect with the purpose you were born. 

     That is why you must observe your conversations with God, is there any particular problem that would arrest all of your attention, you’re so passionate about seeing this problem resolved, that is a pointer to your calling. Like Einstein, he was obsessed with answering the question of light and energy squared, this question drove him every day until finally he hit break through. You’re no different to him, you just have to observe yourself to get to the core of what you would give all of your life to resolve, it is inherent within your nature because you were designed and packaged specifically for that problem. No one comes to this earth without a question they are called to resolve.

Written by Rochelle White
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