NATURAL LAWS REVEAL SPIRITUAL                                     TRUTH

          Genesis 1:1-28... Natural laws reveal spiritual truth, when you understand this you can design life in the exact picture of the model you see you want to create from life. From Genesis to Revelation the whole bible is built on models using nature, as nature is the design of God, therefore, the two dimensions of life correlate hand in hand. 
   There are many examples Jesus used as parables giving us a picture that related with nature so we could understand, as we can see the natural world to use as a reference point, all throughout the bible there are calculations, metrics, and patterns, that we can replicate. The stories in the old testament are examples in picture form that we can use to derive laws and principles from. 

      The story of Abraham is a picture of faith, it isn’t put there to just repeat, it’s a layout for design, if we read the bible from that perspective we will derive laws and principles to replicate. The more you observe the natural world to see the spiritual laws behind every action, you can design your life to be constantly working for you. Gen 14 - Gen 21
     Just as a house is built in the natural, that is an example of building life from the spirit in the natural world. That is the purpose of prayer is to see so you can convert what you see in a picture and then through work labor to produce. For some it may be to build a business, or plant a church, or start an NGO that will resolve a problem in the community. Through work you’re slowing down the energy from the spirit to convert it into a solid form to make God tangible in the material world, through whatever platform he has put on your heart to build. Luke 14:25-34
   This example can be seen by the faith of Noah, when he captured in the spirit the exact design in details of the arc to replicate the design in the material world, through his obedience he saved the human race. Even the rainbow is symbolic of a spiritual truth reminding us God will never flood the earth. Gen 5:32...

We can study the formation of the Patriarchs in the bible and see similar patterns that God uses in our life to form us into who he wants us to be. So often we say we want to be like different bible hero’s, yet we haven’t considered to have a similar outcome as them you have to be formed like them. If we uncover the process of any one of them, we will discover it was not an easy road, Hebrews 11 - 20...all of the patriarchs went through all sorts of trials and difficulties to be promoted to different levels. Joseph had to go thorough trial after trial until he was fully prepared by all the challenges he had overcome, the rejection of his brothers and the isolation in prison were a part of his formation process, until he was finally recognized by Pharaoh who placed him in a position of authority, which God had spent years preparing him for. Psalm 105:17....

     Philp 2:3-12.... Your life is no different, depending on the calling God has prepared for you, he will take you through a series of lessons to impart an understanding about life in different areas, it’s how he molds you, like a glove to a hand to fit his purpose for creating you. He will completely empty you of yourself by imparting an understanding about the areas of life he wants you to confront. Mathew 4:1-12
There is nothing you have accidently passed through good or bad, it’s through all those processes he’s been forming you with a perspective of life. The more we study this pattern in the Patriarchs, you will see the whole lead up to the purpose of God was part of his permissive will for the reason you were born. Romans 8:28

We can see this in Daniel, Esther, Jacob, John the Baptist, and Mary the mother of Jesus, their life wasn’t an accident where they were born, all they went through was all a preparation for the will of God. There is nothing that doesn’t happen outside of the permissive will of God, he brings situations into your life to teach you a lesson, it’s from there you grow. If you don’t pass the test you will just have to repeat the class until you overcome all that God has put before you, it’s a part of his formation process. Daniel 2 - Daniel 6, Esther 1 - Esther 5, Luke 1:26...Mathew 14, Gen 30 - Gen 31, 
 Never look at challenges as outside of the will of God if he hasn’t removed it from your life, it’s put there to teach you, the more we can use every lesson with the intent to derive every last drop of wisdom, it’s how you will grow. Life is not designed for comfort and pleasure they are your worst enemies as they don’t develop your muscles to be strong. They make one’s life ineffective and more likely to be undisciplined. 

Hebrews 5:8... Discipline is developed by constant use it’s like a muscle, there’s a big difference in one who is starting out with a new discipline and one who has through constant use developed their discipline muscle to be strong. James 1:2-4
 One who can run a 42 km marathon and one who is only capable of 5 is because of a different formation process for a different purpose. The one who is able to endure is because of a constant use of discipline, therefore, they have a high level of constraint, whereas the one who can only run 5 km is because they haven’t through constant repetition developed a high constraint of discipline. Anything can be developed if you constantly use it, it becomes easier over time, if you constantly lift 20kgs of weights your muscles get accustomed to lifting that amount its only through increase will you excel to a new level. 2 Pet 1:3..

These are natural laws that reveal spiritual truth, this is the process of resistance God takes each one of us through depending on your calling. That is why we must never judge one who is going through any form of trial, as we don’t know the purpose, God uses trials to develop stamina, endurance, perseverance, character, strength and patience. Mathew 7
This is also a pattern we will see reoccur over and over again in the bible, for the will of God to come to pass there are trials, this is part of the process, how else will he develop you to become all he wants you to be. That is simply his molding process, he is exchanging difficulties to impart a unique understanding you wouldn’t have otherwise had. The more challenges you are able to surmount and overcome they will always yield a greater benefit though it can’t always be seen immediately it’s how you learn. Prov 3:3-6 

The major theme of life is, life is a school, every day you’re learning from all that you see and hear life is constantly trying to teach you. The faster we learn from observing life and converting spiritual truth by understanding God’s design for life, you can build with intention when you understand the laws of life. Ephesians 1:18-20
    Time is moving, when we understand the passing time of the clock and our purpose for creation we can combine the two and build life from the perspective of replicating God’s models. When you connect the two in unity, you can build life in exact alignment to the will of God using the natural laws to bring his will to pass, as Noah built the arc what are you building for God? Eccle 3:1-10
   Have you decided to change the landscape of the earth in your sphere of calling to build heavens will? This process happens when you understand the natural laws are the building blocks that create from the invisible to the natural. Colo 1: 15-20.

Written by Rochelle White
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