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  .....The word became flesh and dwelt among us...
   Jesus Christ is the manifestation and fulfillment of the word in its fullness, as God walked among man, through the nature and character of God becoming man in the exact reflection of the father. Phil 2:1-7
      When you and the word become one you begin to walk out the exact reflection of the word you have embraced, this is how Jesus becomes a manifestation through the lives of believers.John 15:1-6       When we partake of his word and spirit the fullness of the revelation that you had of God through the illumination of the word becoming one with your actions. Gal 5:25
     If we observe different people and groups, we can see by their lifestyle the words they have come to embrace. The word they have received becomes a tangible manifestation in their life, they even take on the image of their god through their actions and behaviors (sports, mammon, Buddha, Jihadist, Hindu, health, self, or a reflection of Jesus). It affects their physical appearance, through the words they speak, amd their belief, in whom they give themselves in obedience to is the word they have embrace. 

The power of words cannot be underestimated...Gen 1:3-25.  
   We must digest God’s word as a capsule as it contains Live and truth that we might become partakes of the divine nature of God. We must be grounded in the word, and it shall become our personality. Your response, attitude, and actions, must align in truth to the word that you’ve heard and embraced. As a man builds a house it is an outward reflection of a word he has come into full agreement with. It was a small seed idea that began with a word, it took root in the soil of his heart, like a seed has met a fertile ground through watering and cultivating life the seed began to germinate into a material manifestation in the world. John 6:63
      Anything that you come into full agreement with will not only settle in the ground of your heart it will begin to bear fruit that is why Jesus said, “You cannot pick grapes from a bramble bush.” This is how we will know His disciples by the fruits they bear through the word that has settled in their heart. 
     For this reason, we must be extremely particular with the words we embrace. Are they in exact alignment with the mind of God? You can measure this by matching our life with the words of God to know if the word has become a product in our life. 
     A good chapter to invest a long while in is the love chapter (1 Corinthians 13) to make all the different variations that make up the content of love is not only digested.
   it has worked its way out by producing fruit of its kind.
   You can go through and measure each dimension to see if it has become a manifestation, love is kind, it thinks no evil, it is not easily provoked, you can use each passage of the scripture and begin to see pictures that you replay over and over again until your attitude, actions, and responses, come into full agreement with the content inside the word. If you decide to paint (making words become pictures) you have come into agreement with a behavior, it will manifest on the outside world, you will produce products from the decision you have made. By going through the process of making the word flesh your actions reflect the word coming to life as you begin to work it out. 
      If you’re an observer of life you will discover how thoughts are stop signs, give way signs, waiting signs, taking the wrong turn, everything one does in a day is a direct correlation of the beliefs and attitudes of his heart, this is where we have to measure all assumptions as the words you embrace are setting the direction of your life...Philip 4:8...
     No one gets on a plane and lands in United State by chance. No, you don’t find your self doing an action without first coming into agreement with it. This is what happens all day every day to all people,Our life is a direct reflection of our heart, and this is how we can tell if we have embraced a word in total agreement by the products our life is producing. If we desire to do something but it hasn’t come to fruition it is because we haven’t come into full agreement. As couples, join in union there is an outward declaration of a word they have come into partnership with, if their word was apart from themselves and they didn’t really mean it there will not be a marriage ceremony. Unless we mean something, there will be vacuum that shows the weaknesses.
    We need to have a serious-minded attitude to every word we speak, that we are integral with our words, like Jesus whenever he spoke a word he and his word were one....Act 2:1-2... 
      Many people use words to deceive others because they are not in accord with what they say. This is why we must have the highest regard for words as those words have the potential. 
Brethren, its time to let the Word of God be rooted in us for us to bear fruit that pleases God. We must identify the words we’ve come to embrace, sometimes they have become such a part of our identity we haven’t even recognized. There is a higher thought that will serve us better than the one we’ve embraced. Generally, those concepts have rom the culture we’ve been raised in, they become a normal part of life without identifying a superior belief those are the ideals that hold people back. The power of thoughts is directing our destiny, the worldview you have adopted is creating the path of your feet. In Psalm 119:105...Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.... We can see this in different socioeconomic groups, lower class are stuck were they are because of the thoughts they’ve subconsciously embraced by their peers and surroundings. While someone in a higher socioeconomic bracket will produce a different evidence with his life all because of the thoughts he has come to embrace it is literally nothing less or nothing more. It’s a frequency of thought some are lower in vibration than others, "what you believe is who you become". 

When we expand our vision by seeing enormous possibilities, that picture will begin to take root in your heart and its manifestation will begin to produce product from embracing the picture that is larger than yourself. That was how God imparted vision for Abraham to see, he gave him a picture of the stars and said, “So shall your descendance be.” The fulfillment of his picture is still coming to pass to this day. Abraham believed God, it was accredited to him as righteousness because of his faith. The word you embrace and make a part of your identity with a high content of value are words of life as they keep on giving they add value and increase in size by producing life and life in abundance. Make the word become flesh, embrace every particle until it is fully dissolved into your attitudes, actions, and responses, making the word come alive.

Written by Rochelle White
Edited by Prophet E.B.Victor
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