Prov 14:34

  When the sun comes, it chases away the night, the night cannot stay as something greater has come. If we imagine a nation like an engine with many parts that fit together and function as one whole. The running of the nation is dependent on how well the internal structure in the system functions, that they all work in accordance to the truth of their design. If there are any broken down parts in the engine the function of the original creation will not work if it is not maintained in optimal order as it was created by the manufacturer of its design. 
   As there are many structures in an engine there are many structures in a nation, all the parts work together to collaborate the end result, this comes from the inner workings that is running, producing the outcomes from its internal governing systems. 

There is politics, education, religion, health, families, industries, sports, entertainment, and media, each part is like a cog in the system. Depending on the process in the internal structure by what laws and principles govern its end result, is according to the knowledge of those who are operating the system. If all things are done in truth according to the laws of nature that God has created the whole earth to function by, you will manufacture a working system that produces outstanding results. John 8:32
 An excellent system will create giants of industry, righteous politicians, heads of departments from the educational system, tech giants competitive in the market place, quality media that will raise the conscious level of thinking amidst society, competitors in Olympics, medical researchers with breakthrough inventions, world changes in humanitarian efforts. For every sector of society there are internal laws and principles that must be adhered for that part of society to work well. If we were to go against the truth there is no way that cog in the wheel is going to produce the output it was design to. 

The heart of the motor where all the value systems come from that affect the whole of the nation is the church. If the right values are coming out from the pulpit according to the culture of heaven, God’s original intention for the earth it will affect every stratum of society. Ephe 4:12
    A church is made up of a diverse group of individuals, they are a part of a family, businesses, politics, education, all domains are sitting under the canopy of the church. This could be likened to the internal combustion that is going to affect the flow of values into every sector of society, it is responsible for the flow of the fruits of the spirit and the water of life making sure all the other parts in the engine of society will run smoothly. 

Any problem in society is a love problem, either we love ourselves to much, or we don’t love others enough, or we love others too much, the heartbeat of the church is love. Jesus said it is by love how they will recognize you as my disciples, when we are governed by love for God and man all our actions will flow together in perfect unity to bring the righteousness of the kingdom to bear rule in every governing system in the land. John 13:34....
If the right value system that comes directly from the heart of God such as justice, loving-kindness, equality, and righteousness, those basic four standards will affect every corner of society. When the right laws and principles are being used as a formula for any result you want to produce, be it in politics you will begin to see that justice will rule from those who are directing the economic and social systems as a spoke in the wheel. Philip 4:8

For things to change in our national life we must address the problems from the very root of it.

     If the right laws and principles are not being honored by those in a particular governing system, if there were corruption or bribery which are lower values that belong to egocentrism which means there is no love for our neighbor, this is how you will get a broken-down cog in the external output. It will produce unsavory effects in society at large. The question we would want to ask is where are the faulty values coming from that would create a people that would prefer an unrighteous value that would cause havoc on society. The main source of values come from the pulpit, media, families, and schools, different institutions that are producing either a value system of respect and care for our neighbor or ones that totally violate the laws of nature, which means you will get a broken-down engine that needs fixing with the right set of values and principles that will bring order to the land. 

    We can observe this truth in different nations of the world, such as Singapore, which was once a third world country, but because they introduced the righteousness of God into the running of the country they turned that nation around from a broken-down system to a proficient engine that is maintained in every sector of society. They have one of the best educational systems in the world, you cannot even throw rubbish on the street or you will be fined because of all the laws that have been instituted, they have created a civilized and orderly society. 

     If we observe anything created by man or God for it to function as a perfect creation it needs all the parts to operate according to the original design. A caterpillar to a butterfly has a process that it must follow to produce the end result of obeying laws, according to how the designer of its creation had created it to function. 
      If anything was out of order this is when you create a broken-down cog in the machine called life. Until all the processes are followed as they were designed this equals truth. If we observe all parts of society like this if there is something broken down in the economy, politics, health, or the educational system, it has something to do with the internal running if we obey God’s laws he has written into every part of life we can create success. You will always be coming from above when you operate from the perspective of how a thing was originally designed to function according to God’s fixed laws. 

     IF justice is not prevalent in society you will see a broken-down economy, the poor will be left without the support they were supposed to have according to the original instructions of God. It means we are not operating according to the manufacturer’s instructions, love is not being spread abroad to affect every part of society. If there is a high criminal activity going on you will find at the root of this outcome there are faulty values that have produced this product as they are a cog in the internal workings of the engine. They are a product of the values that are creating the society we live in. You will find a low crime rate in nations as they have written it into the constitution of laws that one will be severely punished which has brought order to society. Therefore, they’ve created a national value that promoted righteousness and equality into the mindsets of every citizen of their nation. People subconsciously will always prefer to do right, this is how you create values that sustain a healthy society and implement the original intent for man by causing him to do right by law. When law is imposed upon society it causes righteousness to reign as God had intended life to function. Hosea 4:1

     Today nations should experience huge rewards by abiding by the laws that will promote righteousness that always bring success to life. For every problem you see on a national scale can be fixed when the right set of laws are imposed as a value system. This is like the sun that chases away the night, any lower value cannot remain as something greater than the night has come, it could be recognized as the absolutism of the truth. Nothing can overcome the truth when you discover the laws and principles according to the statutes of God, you will bring everything into right alignment with the original intent in the mind of God.
   For every lower value there is a solution that will cause that part of life to function by original design. Seek to know the mind of the manufacture of its design and you can never go wrong, as it will function how it was created to by design. Every part of life is established on basic laws and principles if you discover the exact set of them as you would to cause the engine to function you can build life on the foundation of its original intent there you will find success. 

Written by Rochelle White
Edited By E.B.VICTOR
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