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   Gen 1:1-26... At the dawn of creation when God formed the universe He revealed His process of production for our benefit. He revealed the process He went through to produce His final product after six days of intensive work. 
    Work is a key characteristic of God, we are made in his image when we replicate His patterns we are walking in the ways of God. At the end of each day God stood back with a critical eye to observe the product from His hand, every day He was observing how He could build on to what He had established as good. It was His quality control to optimize and improve what He had already produced. John 1
    A key for progress is to be an observer of life, to analyze data and observe processes in anything you want to build. For any product there is a set path of production, if you can see the system behind the outcome there is nothing you cannot build. We can learn so much from observing, you can see where there are flaws and systems that work well when you’re more interested in the mechanics. There was a set path God followed to reach the final conclusion by the seventh day when He rested from all his works, his process of production was systematic and built on order and truth as the foundation of the earth. 
   Everything was built by the word of His mouth, when he spoke a product was born, he didn’t utter words without having first thought about what the outcome of his words would produce. He spoke light into being, he separated the light from the darkness to make two separate products, creating the foundational pattern to build on. The next day he divided the expanse from the waters creating the firmament giving room for what he could see that he was going to use that space for, there was a plan and a purpose he had in mind knowing all the parts that would go into his end product. He made room in the waters for the fish of the sea, the land for plant, animal, insects, and people, who would possess the land for him. He was systematic right up until he made man the crown of creation as the last part of his process of production. He knew each day what the work of his hands would produce having an eye for detail into the final outcome, at the end of each day he said “It was good.” 

If we become observers of our systems we have in place this is how you optimize and bring improvement to the end product of your day. When we live intentional we have a purpose of aim, one who observes the steps to ensure you produce the exact direction of your aim by improving what you do to build onto what you have already produced. You could use the creation model as a system God has given to us as a pattern for achieving any goal. God was very systematic to create the world in seven days including his time of rest. He knew in seven days the end picture of the work of his hand, the right decision is the seed for the right outcome. 

If you were following a roadmap your first turn is heading in the direction of your aim, if you took the wrong street the end product would not be realized. We must think with details behind everything we do by the decisions your taking now, what is the ultimate outcome? Will my decision produce the best possible outcome? If I don’t take this decision what will the implications be? Decision making is a skill that we don’t want to take lightly. According to every small decision is building your future as your decisions determine the actions you will take, this is one who sees the outcome that will eventuate. A good model you can use to help make the best possible decision is the regret minimalization model. This is a process Jeff Bezos used to build “Blue Origin” an aerospace manufacturer and suborbital spaceflight company, he asked himself the question, “Will I regret not making this decision at the end of life?” His answer was a firm yes. 

Looking through the lens to see the end product is a fundamental skill at the root of any outcome right down to the smallest of them all. A decision is either building or a lack of taking the decision as fast as possible is taking away from you. You can pick up books and read them or your lack of making decisions means you’re not investing in what’s important that will build the kind of future you see. Decision making is a skill we want to perfect, a good concept that you can also apply to decision making is “prioritization,” what’s important to implement and what’s not according to the destination of where your life is heading. This of course will be attached to your values, what’s important to you and why you’re building a product of value in yourself has everything to do with your core values. 
    If God is your ultimate priority and building His kingdom on the earth through the products you create to make him tangible its important you choose through prioritization what deserves your time, capital, and investment. 
   You don’t want to give too much time or money to projects that are not enterprising according to the vision you have. This is why we should invest a good portion of time to analyze our systems. 
  Are you giving too much time or money to the wrong things? Could you improve your system and the way you’re doing things to increase or optimize your outcomes? 
     Are you sure what you’re doing today is producing exactly what you want to produce or could you see possibility for improvement? These are good questions to ask to ultimately produce better products with your life, there is always room for improvement. 
   If we don’t stand back and collect data by analyzing you will accept conditions or circumstances you could easily change by investing time in optimizing your own systems. Every product your life is producing is coming out from a system of behaviors which are a product of your thoughts and a product of the information you’ve been exposed to. These are all the undercurrents that cause the direction of your flow in life. 
   There are 7 things that will destroy us. 
Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character. 
Religion without sacrifice. 
Politics without principle. 
Science without humanity. 
Business without ethics.
    We can observe other people’s patterns especially those we admire for the results they’ve produced. What do they do that I’m not doing? What do you notice about their life that is extremely successful? That is not just a random outcome that happened by chance there was a whole system of production that created them, positioning their feet to where they are today because they are excellent at optimizing their own system. They have brought improvement by constantly analyzing and working on areas of life to improve.
    You can’t just produce magnificent results by chance, if that were so we would all be in the shoes of men like Warren Buffet, Henry Ford, or Bill Gates. These men improved their life by applying fixed laws and observing their patterns. Henry Ford was able to start a manufacturing business to become a system that revolutionized the world, observing great men of such nature we can lean and adhere like models. 
  Knowing what product, we want to produce with our life takes critical analysis, could you be doing better, are the right products coming out at the end of each day? 
  You could use the scientific method as a framework to run your systems through is your hypothesis proven to be authentic or could you upgrade to a more proficient system.
   The more we learn to analyze data through observation you will get an insight into your own process to see areas where there can be improvement to ultimately produce the best possible system. 
  This is when you’re observing your own mechanics as your decisions is like a big machine, what comes out at the end is a product of how well you have made decisions that will produce optimal outcomes with your life. 
God revealed that to us in the creation model, unless we become like Him and be analytical in our thinking in order to improve and build on to what we’re producing. 
   Nothing you manifest in your life is by accident there is something you’re either doing right by applying the right laws or you’re failing to take the right action where it’s needed. Stand back and observe all your systems and ask yourself the question can I improve? What actions do I need to take? What can I stop doing? How can I build onto what I’m doing to produce the best possible product?
    Life is built on laws and principles. When you define them as a standard that you apply to your life you will produce the end product according to the mechanics of your system, optimal performance can be achieved by upgrading and improving your already established systems.

Thanks for reading. 

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