The truth is, Knowing where you’re going determines where not to go. 
There are many voices calling out in the side streets of life beckoning, “come” a focused person has determined what they don’t want this closes many doors. If you arrive in a foreign land, yet you don’t have a clear picture of how to get to your destination you need to put yourself in the environment of those who do, as environment is 50% at the foundation for success. You need to start to seek out those who know the way to go as they have what you need that is how God has created life to function. Hosea 4:6

   All of creation works in relationship with one another for it to function as it was designed. The fish would not sustain life without the water, no man or animal would survive without oxygen, a baby need his mother for the bare necessities of life, without the mother and father eagle collecting food for their young they would perish, mankind needs water that comes from another source, the plant life would not grow without the light from the sun, a baby calf needs to feed of its mother for sustenance to grow. That is just the basic foundation for all that is in the earth depends on a symbiotic relationship with other parts of creation to function. Eccle 4:9
     A body has many parts that are all connected as one, without the legs you cannot go anywhere, the eyes are needed to give you direction, and the ear is given to hear, without each part that is interconnected it’s impossible to function. This is why relationship with others who know what you don’t know is important, the hand knows what to reach out for to get what it needs, it knows what not to touch this determines its no. When you know where you’re going, you know who you need to connect with, you also know what you don’t want, you’re the owner of life when you have clear vision. Prov 16:14, Prov 9:10
      God said to Abraham “Get out of your country and go to the place of your inheritance.” Abraham’s nephew Lot came on the journey until they had to part ways, Abraham gave Lot the choice to choose which way he would go, he chose in the way of the eye, “Sodom and Gomorrah” which was beautiful to behold. Abraham was led by faith, he was a servant to one voice, the one who had called him, he was faithful to obey the voice of God every step of the way. That is why he was not led by the eye rather by his inner conviction to go to the place God was calling him to possess. Faith is an inner leading of the heart, it doesn’t come from an outside source it is when one is led by the inner conviction of their purpose for creation. Heb 12:1-10

The truth is,Show God your faith and he will show you his faithfulness. –  
      Abraham pleased God because of his faith, he constantly progressed to the land of his inheritance, he made mistakes on the way yet God didn’t condemn him as he was faithful to the leading of God. Faith determined Abraham’s “no” as well as his “yes,” he knew each day was a journey to the land he was called to possess, it was his green light that kept him going in one direction, he was willing to lay down his only son in order to be faithful to God.             Romans 12:17....Faith is an inner conviction that determines the roads that you take it also determines the way you shall not go, Abraham was led by God not by the voice of another. You know by the inner conviction when there is peace this is the way to go now walk in it. Doors will open by faith as you progress the key is you must keep moving, faith never sits down it’s highly focused on the goal set before itself. I Corin 9:26
      You have to create your own prison or else everybody else will make that prison for you, this is your boundaries. If I’m called to film and entertainment all my daily activities would revolve around this one vision it determines what I read, who I invest time into, what contacts I need, it also says no to things that are not pertaining to my vision. There are many things that are calling out for your attention the phone, the internet, marketing strategies to try to get your money, if you’re aware of all the bells and whistles you will know what to avoid. When you have given your time, purpose, and money, a job description before everyone else tries to take it, it has put a firm “no” on what you will and won’t do. Nobody is concerned for your money, time, or purpose, everybody is trying to get what they need that is why you must have firm boundaries. 
    Your time is the most important wealth if you don’t know how to invest time into added value by creating your own boundaries others will use it up for you. This is the same with money and your purpose we are responsible for our own lives when we take full responsibility we become a good steward. 
     When you know your “yes” you know your “no” as Abraham, he obeyed the voice of God even to the point of laying down his son he was obedient to follow the leading of God preferring his voice over his own opinions, he didn’t even question the leading of God that is why he is the father of faith. 
   His yes determined his no, he said no to his self-life and yes to being led out by the hand of God. Abraham has many sons because he was willing to lay down his son, when God leads we always have to trust him as that is part of the process to bringing the will of God to pass. it means a total dependence on him. Psalm 20:7 

Written by Rochelle White
Edited by E.B.Victor.
Share as you read. God bless you.

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