Through him we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for his name. –
  Romans 1 - 5

What value has God placed on the worth of a man’s soul that He would from the fall of man orchestrate a plan to redeem man back to himself? That the whole of the bible was written for our omission to correct us in the way of God. From pillar to post He caused His will to come to pass, through the guidance of the spirit who led the saints of old to foreshadow the coming messiah, through each story it was laying the pattern that would be realized as a reality of the coming Christ. 
     He set His people apart in the wilderness as a picture of the church and their deliverance from Egypt into the promise land where they were to possess the land of their inheritance and reclaim a small part of the earth back to him. 

That was why He gave the twelve tribes a different territory as a picture of the church going out to reclaim a territory for him. That is the era the church is in now, where the kingdom of God has come to reclaim back the earth to himself in every sphere of life. God has given us grace and apostleship to reclaim back the mountains for him. It is the vehicle through which he will cause his kingdom to reign on the earth.
What is Grace?
 Grace is the empowerment to do what you couldn’t do on your own, its an enablement to fulfil the will of God, all you need to do is to be actively pursuing His will in the land of your calling. God will use even the stones of this world to do his work, the first realization we need to have is it is not about us it’s all about him. All He is looking for is those who are available, you don’t have to be strong and mighty its not in your power when you are completely dependent on him
My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness. –
 2 Corinthians 12 v 9
      Where people go wrong is where others are building their own ministry, we have to let go of making a name for ourselves and just be obedient to the instructions of God. He wants to raise people to take industry, commerce, politics, education, media and film, children, the homeless, and every social group in society, that is why the church is called to go out and possess the land of there inheritance. This is the sign the gospel of the kingdom is being preached in the pulpit, it is the number one assignment in the heart of God as he came to this earth to reclaim back everything that was lost. He’s put the responsibility in the church if we don’t go who will? 

Many Christians don’t move outside of their front gate, not because they choose to but because they don’t realize the grace and apostleship they have been given to reclaim the earth back to God. Everything starts small, it’s your faithfulness to work the land of your calling if you don’t take up the plough and begin to till and tend to your land nothing will materialize, we will sit in church and waste all the resources that God has equipped every believer with. That is why we need to teach the principles of work, nothing is built unless we are willing to labor. When you believe God at His word and you begin to take steps of faith He will empower you to do what you never thought possible. 
What is Faith
Faith is action, as red and blue equal purple without both components you cannot make the color purple it wouldn’t be a finished product.  For food to be converted into a meal it has to go through the process of labor to work it out. Unless we are taught that sitting inside a church year after year singing and dancing is the most ineffective use of the resources of God laying stagnant in our lives, leaving unrealized potential that is dwelling in every cell in your body waiting to be realized. That you would discover what God has hidden in your cell the purpose for your life coming to this earth is for him. You weren’t created for yourself, you were designed with a specific intention to know the perfect will of God for your life is to realize yourself and then use that gift to go out into the world and reclaim the earth back to God. 

When you discover yourself, you discover the land of your calling that is what you are supposed to be investing 60% of your day into. If you discover you are called to industries the purpose for your creation will be to use your gift to impose the kingdom of God in that territory through his laws and principles. Your effectiveness will be found when you begin to actualize that dream that God has hidden in your cell, as you begin to claim back that territory for God he has given you grace and apostleship to do what you couldn’t do on your own strength. 

That is your land of influence, you have to desire to be the best in everything you do. When we are wholehearted that is when God empowers you, you have to give more than your willing, that is a fixed law that brings success. If you’re partial there is no point unless you are 110% committed there will be others in your industry that will be more effective. We must replicate God’s pattern, whenever He does anything He does it with all of his heart, we must be excellent in whatever we create, as that is the ways of God, every product He has created is perfect with attention to details. These are principles that we must apply to our lives to be effective, then you are always giving your best to God. There is nothing you do with a slack hand or else you cannot bring His name to bear rule. 

To be competitive with the world, we have to do better than them, you can’t claim it through declaration you can only work it out through principles. When we become the best that is how we can reclaim territory, those who are prepared to work hard are those who will win, this is where God empowers you to do what you couldn’t do on your own strength. If you see your land that God has called you to reclaim in a picture every time you put your hand to the plough you are creating order, cleaning up, removing all the thorns and thistles that pain the land, your fertilizing and watering, creating a healthy green and prosperous land, changing the environment to look more like heaven through the process of conversion. 

Conversion only happens through work, when we are not taking responsibility to tend to the land this is how nothing will change in the environment. It’s not until you’re prepared to work hard, by research and studying the problems and resolving them one by one. Just like you would on a plot of agriculture, if you keep tilling and tending to the land the environment will be converted from one form to another, you will begin to see fruits coming out from the time you’ve invested. You will discover you have grace and apostleship in your land of calling because everything in you is already created to fit that purpose. You don’t have the same grace in a different field you don’t have an inclination for. 

All you need to do is believe God at his word and reclaim a small piece of the earth back for him. It’s all about His will for the earth, that you would discover what he has designed you for and begin by faith stepping out into that territory and seeing his will imposed over the land. 2 % of the church are called to the five-fold ministry the other 98% have a land that is outside of the four walls of the church. To spread the dominance of the kingdom of God is when we take his influence into all the domains that is how we will cause his kingdom to reclaim the earth back to him. That is our number one assignment that we would mature in God and understand his redemption plan for the earth. He’s crying out for delivers of nations, he does not take delight in one soul that perishes. 

That is why we as the church have a huge responsibility to infiltrate this earth with the culture of heaven, removing the lower values that dominate the mindsets of this world. That is how we will convert the earth’s environment to look like heaven and win the lost back to Christ. He paid it all on the cross that we would be redeemed, how much is the value of one soul? That we would give up our life and care for those who are lost, that was the purpose Jesus came back to redeem all that was lost at the fall of man. Nations are in the hand of the believer if he would put his hand to the plough and convert the instructions of God through outworking them claiming the earth back to the feet of Christ. 

Written by Rochelle White
Edited by The Light Media.
Published By H.O.M.

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