At the fall of man, the first thing Adam and Eve did was strip nature of its beauty to clothe themselves with the fig leaf. 
But Before the fall, what do they enjoy?
   1 - They were taking care of the garden, tending and keeping her with order and proper management. They were beautifying their environment with life; their hearts were led by the instructions of God which always brings good. 
2 -  Before the fall they were the king of creation managing and caring for the raw materials.
What Happened after they fell
 A - They submitted themselves as slaves to the outside world it had now subdued them to be dominated by their environment. 
B - They no longer cared to look after and tend to the resources, rather they used their environment to gain power from the outside in. 
The Lesson
   Today all over the world this problem is still happening, where man will use another man to elevate his agenda, either for power,wealth, or self-promotion to get his own needs met, he will use man as the catalyst for his own selfish desires.
   This is the fallen nature of man when he lost connection with the power of God he used his outside resources to empower himself as he is dominated by his five senses what was once managed as a resource was now used for his own gain to elevate him to a position of wealth, power, and authority. 
  His heart is not being led to care for others, he is using others to get his own desires met. We can even see this problem when people are building their own ministry they’re not interested in building the kingdom of God by catering for all the needs of society. This is an erroneous model of leadership when there is one kingpin and a whole lot of subjects beneath him who are there to serve his ministry exclusively, they’re not there to be trained up to be used mightily for the kingdom of God. 

The accurate model of leadership is when those who God has entrusted with a position of authority in the fivefold ministry are using their position entrusted by God as a servant to those he is leading. His job is to bring every member who is under his ministry up to the same level as himself, what he can do he is teaching all those under his tutelage to be able to do the same as him. This is one who has the interests of the kingdom at heart, he’s not trying to fill the seats to make the church to be the biggest ministry to make himself the big man. His main job is to make every person from the weakest to the strongest to go out into all the world and make disciples teaching them to observe all he has taught you..
 True success is when every person in the church is not beneath him but has the same mentality, a student is not above his teacher he will become like his teacher. 
     That is the picture we saw with Jesus he raised his disciples to think like him, he didn’t subdue  His disciples to himself to make Him be seated on a throne where they were worshiping him because He was the only one able to do what He could do. That is how you put up a roadblock on the possibility of the kingdom of God going out to win the world back to Christ. Jesus didn’t need to feed His ego He knows who He is, His heart was centered on one assignment to do the will of the father everything from morning to night revolved around this one agenda. That is why Jesus was successful in raising disciples that would radically affect this world with the gospel of the kingdom. The success of any ministry is when you see those who are following you begin to discover their purpose and go out into all the world.  
     In the kingdom of God all are priests and kings from the pastor to the weakest believer there is no one who is more specially endowed than another, all are equal, all have their own promise land, as the pastor is called to the pulpit another might be called to industries he is a king in that field. The pastor’s success is when he sees every person in his congregation using their gifts and talents to affect this world for Christ. We were never meant to make slaves out of our church members where they come to church and serve fulltime as an usher or in the worship team, week after week they are serving in the house of God making the ministry of the church contained to one building. That is a sign of failure in ministry, if we can imagine Jesus starting a church and getting all his disciples to serve in one ministry or the other inside the church building, they weren’t raised up to become fishers of man, that is a tragic loss of all the potential hidden in those who were called by Jesus. 
     That is exactly what is happening today where people aren’t being raised up to discover why they’re born and for what purpose did God put them on this earth, it is most certainly not to serve another man it is to serve the will of God for your life. If the pastor has the wrong focus where he is trying to grow a large ministry he will highjack man unto himself and not allow them to discover their territory that they were called to go out to win back to Christ he’s using man to build his own empire. Jesus only needed twelve men to change the world He wasn’t interest in the crowd as He knows the hearts of man, He was more interested in effectiveness to make sure the will of the father is the most important priority to win back all that was lost in the garden of Eden. 

This can only happen when you raise children up to be sons, if you keep them as children they are no better than a slave as they are dependent on you. 
     Real success is measured by this one standard you will not have needy Christians who are dependent on you for miracles and blessings. That is another sign that the church has the wrong agenda when miracles and blessings are the main focus, you will create a culture of dependency, your congregation will come to church week after week looking solely for getting his needs met. How can they ever be effective if they are not taught to have their eyes focused on bringing heavens will to pass on the earth? We should never rais disciples to be miracle seekers, even Jesus said to those who were following him “Most assuredly, I say to you, you seek me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled. John 6:26 

They were more interested in what they could get from God not like the disciples who were trained to subdue the world back to Christ. If we don’t see sons being raised and we keep people dependent on us for what they can get either through prophetic declaration or prayer for success for there own path is total failure. The more you can see a congregation who is dead to themselves and alive to Christ everything they do is to build his kingdom not the kingdom of another man. When you see your members take over and occupy society in the education sector, the parliament, on the radio, and TV, writing books, and producing media that will infiltrate society you will see the kingdom dominance take over in families, in sports in every sector of society. He will be raising giants in industry causing the economy to flow this will affect every citizen in that nation as there will be opportunities for jobs, no one will be poor as a result of the gospel of the kingdom being preached in the pulpit. You will see NGO’s and pressure group taking care of the needs in society, there will be those who are standing for the cause of justice, for the widow, the orphan, those who are in hospital, and in prison, you will see all governing systems influenced by the kingdom of God.
    That is a sign of one who is not building their own ministry he has the interest of the kingdom at heart. It is never to build a name for ourselves but to make the name of Jesus famous in every place as he is the one who is lifted up when the right gospel is preached. 
   The will of the father will be done on the earth as it is in heaven when we are building our lives on the principles of the kingdom of God. The sign you are in alignment with the will of God is you are not seeking your own fame, you’re seeking to build others to be equipped with the right mindset that would take over this world with the gospel of the kingdom taking His name to the highways and byways spreading his influence into every place causing the dominance of the kingdom of God to rule.

Written by Rochelle White
Edited by The Light Media
Published by H.O.M

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