Mathew 26:41....
Suppose you knew that your house was surrounded by enemy agents and that at any moment they might break through the door and attack you. Do you think you would be inclined to stay awake and watch? What would you do if you're very ill and you couldn't stay awake to watch? Wouldn't you make sure that someone else so the needful of watching for the whole house not to be attached.?
In Mathew 26:41...Jesus told us to keep awake, to very caution, active, to give vehement attention and to watch and pray.
As believers in Christ, we must be constantly alert and alive in other to take up arms against the attack of our enemies and the first way is to
BE A FIGHTER. I Tim 6:12 revealed that Christ Followers should be an aggressive fighter against the enemy. Remember what Apostle Paul said in 2Timothy 4:7...He instructed us to fight a good fight of Faith in our daily lives as we struggle against Spiritual enemies in the high places, and in our own mind and Heart.
Fight to be free, to victorious, to healed, to be settled, to enjoy God's blessing on Earth, to guide your salvation, to live a upright life, to inherit God's Kingdom, fight a Fight of Faith.
Watch and Pray.
Sometimes our problem is that we are too passive. We don't move with aggression when the enemy come against us. We feel to relax because of God's grace but we forgot that grace can only be active when we move in God's word against the enemy. We'll be worried and fear to standup against the devices and attack of the devil.
We are not to negotiate with the devil, or with any attack, we are to rise and FIGHT. 2 Corinthians 10:4.
Watch and Pray

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