Negligence is the reason why our society is where it is today.
     Someone start dressing like a girl yet we associate with him, he makes money from it more boys joins the cross dressing trend.
  Someone start dancing naked in music videos yet we applaud her and she makes money from it more girls turns to video vixens like her.
 Someone flaunt cars, houses, expensive clothes and trips round the world with no genuine source of income everyone wants to associate with him because he is living large. Some young boys make him their role models
  Someone sings nonsense, smokes and spit junks after taking drugs but who cares he is making money and celebrated round the world. He is now the role model for a boy of 5 in primary 2.
Someone wears revealing clothes that hardly cover her cleveage and loin but she got a flawless skin so there is nothing wrong in revealing her skin, she make money from it and now she is the role model for a girl in nursery 2.
  Someone is mentally unstable, he dress anyone, pierce all his body parts, draws tattoo and live a gangster life but he is rolling in millions so we relate and even associate ourself with him and now he is the role model for a boy in JSS1
  This brother brings different girls home every day, party hard every friday, drink alcohol and can smoke anything but we say all work and no play makes Matthew a mumu abi? now John in the next house now want to be like this brother when he grow up.
This jobless small girl use smartphone worth 100s of thousands in naira but we don't ask how she got it at least her mates are also using it and we know she don't sleep at home every night and she wear skimpy dressing during our night escapes but she is beautiful who cares let her enjoy her youth, Peace in Primary 4 is now praying she grow up and be like her.
   We overlook every rot in our society because people involved are making money, we no longer value modesty, hardwork & integrity all we care about is Money.
   The more we keep overlooking the rot in our society the more the rot spreads

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Unknown said…
Negligent hmmmm ok thanks Pastor.God will give us wisdom, knowledge and understanding.Amen thanks
Unknown said…
God we control us
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