L O V E    IS    D I V I N E 
      John 13:35  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
      Brethren, love is not a feeling, love is divine.  We are Created to love, since love is one of the attributes of God. Therefore love works like magnet, it attracts people to itself. And the truth is everyone want to be loved.  In the scripture quoted above, Jesus shared one big secret with His disciples; the Secret to win souls for him. Listen carefully dear brethren. "Love one another"  then, those who sees them will like to join their fellowship.  Jesus knew that people only stay where love is genuinely practiced, while love a midst brethren is what  enemy hate most. Satan and his cohorts  will do anything possible to create confusion in the midst of those who love one another.
Brethren, Be careful of the information you received about whom you love. Remember what the scripture says that "we should not be ignorant of the Devil's devices".       
   Love is Divine, to enjoy it you must apply wisdom and to be loved you must be mature and  patient because enemies or haters will use criticism, backbiting talebearing, assumptions, negative thoughts, wrong observations and so on to cause seperation in your marriage, in the church, in the organisation of good people,  in your relationship and even in your place of work.
 In addition church ( The Christ Believers) should be on the lookout to identify the strategies of the devil when members who had once loved each other begin to do otherwise and these should also be applied in all facets of life.
    Finally, charity must be encouraged as well, for it is a mark of kindness. Brethren,  let us back up our love with right actions so that people of the world will find it easy to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. Love is Divine. 
God bless you.

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