Difference between Worldliness and materialism
  There is a great danger of worldliness in the midst of our own churches. We want to consider several areas which pose the greatest threat. We need constantly to be warned against the great danger of materialism. 
     The world in which we live is a dreadfully materialistic world. We must be careful that we do not become worldly in that we follow this materialism.

     We become worldly when we are spiritually conformed to this world, ( Romans 12 v 2a ) in its goals and purposes, in its conversation and life style.( Col 4:6
   As Christians we must be spiritually different. This difference does not come out when we attempt to live in physical separation from the world. We are called to live in the midst of the world and yet not be of the world. We are called to bear a Christian testimony before the world of the grace of God in Christ Jesus.
    We are called to condemn the sin and evil of this world and to testify of the righteousness and truth of God.( 1st Pet 2:9 )
    The real test of the genuineness of our Christianity comes in how we live and act in the midst of the world and before men. 
      Mathew 5:14... We must be spiritually different and separate from the world. We must be absolutely spiritually different in our attitude towards the material things of this world and in the manner in which we use these material things. John 15:16

Materialism is a great evil. Isaiah 8:20
      It is really a denial of God and of His sovereignty. It is the worship and service of mammon. It is the love of money which is the root of all evil. 1John 2:15-17
     A man is materialistic when he makes earthly and material gain the end-all of his life. The materialistic man covets more and more material things, he has an insatiable lust for riches, luxury, for great abundance of worldly things. 1Tim 6:10
      A materialistic man spends all or most of his time working and striving for material things. ( Philip 3:19 ) For these things he uses all his energies, and to obtain them he employs all of his God-given talents and opportunities. The materialistic man vainly imagines that man's life consists in the abundance of things which he possesses. 
   The materialistic man cares not for the higher and spiritual things of God. ( James 1:14-15 ) His life is consumed only to obtain the earthly and temporal. 
    He cares not for the true and eternal riches of God. He is not concerned about laying up treasures in heaven. His greatest treasures are lands and houses and cars, the latest technology, expensive and exotic vacations to the ends of the world, fancy restaurants and lavish meals and on and on. Luke 12:16-21
The materialistic man does not think of God. He refuses to acknowledge that the Lord is the sovereign creator and Lord of the universe and all that it contains. He does not give God thanks. Deut 28:47-48
   He imagines that he will obtain all of his material gain by his own wisdom and ingenuity.....Stay Connected for the second part.
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