Good morning.
 An adage says,"Trust no one" ultimately, the Bible says, "Do not put your trust in Flesh".
    Does it mean that we are all betrayers? If yes, it shows our existence as human is useless. If no, it means, we need light on the word TRUST. 
    Note: it is not an exaggeration if I say trust takes time to build, easy to break and takes forever to repair. How does that sound? However, did you remember the communion between  Daniel and his friends..etc.
    The secret of their success was TRUST. Trust has no size or height. It has no age or class. All it has is understand and respect. You can't trust someone you didn't understand and respect. Both must be balance. 
    Trusting means someone is reliable, you have confidence in them and feel safe with them.
   Before you can say you trust someone and vice-versa, ask yourself this questions.
   Do they listen to you and support you?Are they sensitive to your problems and worries?
Are they considerate, caring and consistent?
 Are they truthful and do what they say? Can you confined in them and do they have solution mentality? 
Do they handle money matters politely or not? Can they control their anger even when you hurt them and correct you without gossip or Grudges? 
Are they not envy your progress, positive spirit and ideas? 
Can they stand as backup for you in your absence? 
   Trust is not something to joke with in human relationship and in the path of success in life. 
       " can two walk together except they agree" 
   Who do you trust and who trusted you? 
        If you have problem with truth,progress is not guaranteed and your relationship cannot last nor stand. 
      Stay Blessed. 
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Written by E.B Victor. 

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