Solomon who was the wisest man that ever lived said, “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold.” Prov 3:13
     We can see this truth all throughout the bible, from Joseph who became the prime minister of Egypt, to Daniel who was exalted as a ruler of Babylon and saved from the mouth of the lions, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego, who were protected from the flame sheilded by God. Queen Esther who fasted for three days before she approached the king, to ask for law that was set as an edict for the destruction of the Jews to be reversed, she was not hasty with her decision even choosing to perish to save the Jews. 

    One who exchanges life for the things of this world to buy a better house, to wear the finest clothes, to drive the best car, to be recognized amongst your peers as someone of significant worth, because you have what others don’t possess materially, is of lower value than the knowledge of God. 2 Tim 3:2-4
    Material wealth is limited to this world, it has value when you use it for the right purpose to advance the cause of the kingdom using all your material resources as a way to serve your creator. That is one who is not subdued by money, it hasn’t captured his heart to lust for more to serve the dictates of money. As the flesh is insatiable and will not stop storing up to an endless supply that can never fill the greed of a man’s heart. But there is something of far greater worth that is more precious than diamonds, gold, rubies, and pearls, is the knowledge and understanding of God and his ways. 

     Mathew 6:19-21... When we invest in values that will not perish, we’re investing in what will sustain life after the material world. As all the lower values that belong to this world don’t hold water beyond the grave, such one hasn’t understood the value and essence of life is not in the acquisition of things, but in the understanding that he knows God. He sees beyond the limits of the physical day to what is limitless in the invisible realm, for the visible world and all that is in it is temporary and will surely pass away. Mathew 24:35...Yet all that cannot be seen with the eye, that cannot be held in the hand, but can be perceived in the mind, where the incubation of the almighty God invests seeds of life, truth is to be valued as a precious pearl that sustains life into all eternity. 

For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. – Proverbs 8 v 11 

   That is why we must have compassion on those who are caught by lower values especially related to materialism, as they have not possessed or do they understand the greater wealth. These ones are driven by the five senses, by what he can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear, he is driven from the outside in. He is looking for the flashy lifestyle that is temporal and exceedingly cheap in value to what one gains from the knowledge of wisdom that one cannot buy with money. 

    Prov 1:20-33...Wisdom will resolve the problems in your land, it is one who has the calculations to build the future of tomorrow as he sees the detailed picture of the process from a-z which is more important than the effects. Prov 6:6...Wisdom will create channels of income from not loving money but desiring to live solely for the kingdom to free up your time, by putting money to work for you while you invest in the greater wealth, the currency of time is yours to explore the invisible resources that can’t be seen. When we invest into ourselves before we invest into our bank accounts you have all you need. Prov 19:22....While one who trades time to work for money may have cash in his hand today he is still poorer than the man who is cashless yet he has developed his net worth value by trading time to build substance in himself. 
      1 Tim 6:10.....Those who exalt money above living for their purpose is trading time for the wrong value he hasn’t understood the source of wealth and where wealth comes from. His money will run out then he will go on the hunt looking for more, while he neglects investing into his purpose for creation, he’s like a bird that hasn’t discovered his wings were given to fly. If the wings of an eagle were clipped, he couldn’t leave the clef of a rock and fly above the storms, he’s subjected to the elements of life, as he hasn’t discovered his purpose for creation he will live an unfulfilled life and never know what it’s like to soar. 

The flow of life and energy is like a wellspring of life-giving water, that flow comes when one is functioning in alignment with his purpose for creation. That is where all good things flow because we are living by design of how the creator of life intended us to live, anything outside of this is living an unfulfilled life. This cannot be brought with silver and gold, money is just a by product of the wealth you have built inside, the poorest man on the earth is the one who is poor in his mind, he doesn’t know what he lacks. When you see the poor, it’s because they haven’t discovered this secret to life, they allow the circumstance that they see with there eyes to keep feeding the belief they are poor and have no opportunities in life which is a total lie. That is what the enemy would want them to think so they remain in a state of poverty. Do you know the Barack Obama’s, the Vincent van Goughs, the Isaac Newtons, the Charlie Mungers, the Richard Branson’s, the Daniels, the Josephs, and the Esther’s, of this world were first rich in their mind before any tangible evidence was produced? They wouldn’t be people of value unless a rich harvest of wisdom was first sown into the land of their life. This takes studious living, it’s a lifestyle practice that is not developed in one day you need the discipline to push away lower values such as pleasure and living to indulge in instant gratification what will give me immediate satisfaction now. 

       Colossians 1:9-11...It’s a cheap lifestyle living to get a mortgage to buy a better house, gaining all the material possessions, that one hasn’t seen what is superior on every level. A superior value may not exchange instant pleasure and while it could appear you don’t have much monetary gain is because you know where the greater investment lies, it makes life the richest place when you invest in the precious pearls of life. It’s your silver and gold discovering the knowledge of God, when we know his ways we can live to serve him in all areas of life. John 15:1-7.. You have to build this knowledge it doesn’t just come by praying, it’s a consistent discipline, it’s in this place where you encounter the understanding of life and its true worth the awesomeness of God who has created us in his image and likeness. 

    Phillip 2:1-5....When we imbibe his ways into our lifestyle patterns and we begin to live according to his original design he had for life we not only glorify him but this is where the oil of joy flows there is nothing worth living for apart from him. Everything that belongs to this world perishes with this world, but living to please the creator of our very life is where the spirit of life flows. Eph 5:10....When we give up our life for others we gain life, when we try to live our life for ourselves we lose life, the richest place is discovering the treasure that comes from living to do his will, not living to suit myself that is a baseless and empty life. The things of this world may satisfy for a day or two, but living wholeheartedly for the cause of the kingdom converting lower values to kingdom laws and principles so that others can have success and discover the true value of the kingdom of God is when you live in alignment to his ways. 

     Deut 8:18....He will flood you with ideas, inventions, and projects, will begin to overflow in your life we are attached to the genius mind of God. Just look at his glorious wisdom in the earth the design of every product he has made is inexhaustible with hidden ideas to create like God. To get to the place where you can see beyond the visible into the invisible is where the true value of life hides, don’t be taken by lower values that will cause you to seek for things that are temporal. God adds to you when you seek first his kingdom and his righteousness you won’t need to worry about material things. If you have or don’t have its not where your satisfaction lies it’s in what can’t be seen the true value of life...Mathew 6:33...

Written by Rochelle White
Edited By E.B.Victor
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