You are the written epistle of Christ read by all men not with ink on tablets of stone but the spirit written on the human heart. Have you ever been to a conference where there is an interpreter who is converting the message from a foreign language into your language that you understand? If the interpreter doesn’t convey the original message in its accurate context to how it was spoken we are open for misinterpreting the word to have a different meaning to the original context of what the message means. You are the written letter revealing God to man, how you live your life, the way you treat people, your concepts and ideas are being observed from a distance when people meet you what do they see? 2 Chor 3:2-3

     By your lifestyle you will be recognized as those who belong to Christ, it’s in the handwriting of your attitudes, responses, values, beliefs, and behavioral patterns, where we reflect Christ. Do you ooze with love that can be clearly seen, by the way you interpret Christ to the world is what people see? It doesn’t come through knowledge of the scriptures, nor is it seen through fear, when people present Christ in a way that doesn’t manifest his love rather they preach fear and damnation that doesn’t reflect the accurate picture of Christ. Our lifestyle, that is seen through one prism, the beauty of Christ that shines like a precious diamond is seen through kindness, patience, joy, love, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, and faithfulness, the virtues that belong in the kingdom of light where it is 100% pure light energy with not one hint of darkness. The servant of all who lifts others up and prefers men before himself is where the reflection of Christ can be seen. Eph 5:15, Heb 13:5

     Some people will never pick up the bible, nevertheless, we have something greater than the world that can be read is how we interpret Christ to others. If we misrepresent him through our negative attitude or wrong practices,...Isaiah 8:20-21...that is all people will see of who Christ is, we have such a huge responsibility to present him accurately to the world. That is why there is no greater work that one can do than to work on himself, it is the first ground that one should develop, as it’s through everything you say and do that expresses to others the beauty of Christ. John 15:1-6 In some people you can see him like a bright morning star and there are others who don’t reveal him at all because self is on the throne or whatever has mastered them. 

That is why prosperity preachers don’t reveal the character and nature of Christ. Phil 3:19...What you will hear coming out of the mouth of those who have given themselves over to the god of mammon there will always be the central theme of money, this is a misrepresentation of who Christ is. Jesus is first love, he came to bring truth and grace, the truth sets us free, the grace is the empowerment of the word to apply it. Every word of God contains grace and truth it’s the hidden energy released in a word, if its dissolved into your attitudes and responses it can be yours when you make the word flesh. John 7:53-38...
   There are no greater values than love and truth they are the highest containment of pure energy of life. The one prayer we should have is that our love increases so that man may sees a reflection of the God that we serve. 1 John 3:1

If we become partakers of the word to imbibe it into ourselves through constant meditation asking God to impart the truth of the word to set you free and the grace that will empower you to embody the living word into your responses. Psalm 1,  Gal 5:25...This is the way to reveal Christ to the world, when we interpret him through the language of love there is no human being even the coldest heart couldn’t resist the beauty of Christ. The more you spend time in prayer discovering him to ultimately reveal him is the highest God centered life and our obligation as we are his representatives on the earth. Prov 8:17 That is why virtues are superior to the letter as virtues carry the God nature to the world, it’s through our attitude and response to those who don’t know God that will shine him the brightest. Phil 2

The harvest is ripe for picking, if someone came to your house and began to serve you with no conditions, no ulterior motives, just purely out of love, that speaks louder than any other action. When we take on the attitude of a servant even to the least of these this is the model Jesus used to reveal the father, he humbled himself and served humanity. John 13..The act of washing the disciple’s feet was to reveal when we humble ourselves and serve all men by acts of love there is no louder voice than that its what you do that expresses the God nature especially in your area of calling those who are called to preach Christ it’s not through their words it’s through there character. If kindness is a virtue that belongs to the kingdom of God this is the tool that you can use to reach out to people, the exact opposite to kindness is anger that is how the evil one spreads his havoc over the earth. 1 Pet 3:9...

    That is why we must never be enemy based as that is a divisive tool of the evil one when people pray harm for another, we don’t fight flesh and blood, rather we must pity those who are caught in evil througPharisees....Gal 6:1-3..(cursing enemies) as they are just being used by the evil one to do his work that is how he opens people up to his kingdom. How much more coming under the canopy of love that is how we spread the kingdom of God on the earth. His kingdom comes through the culture of heaven which is the virtues of God to cause his kingdom to spread is through love and service to mankind. Just as there is organized crime we need to organize righteousness by thinking of ways to reach different people groups as Jesus modeled to his disciple’s pure love was to serve, this is the door that will lead many to Christ. Romans 12:1-3

As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. –  John 17 - 18

If you think back over your life what spoke the loudest was those who were there when there were difficult times, you never forget those people. When we condemn people with all manner of scriptures from our own understanding as to what they are doing wrong, all that does is bring disillusionment not a tool of God...Mathew 7.. When we use the letter of the law without the virtues of God, it’s a misrepresentation of who Christ is. Jesus is first love, that was the essence of his message, that he would step out of heaven and come to a dark world full of sin and reveal God the father to man through his great love to lay down his life in every sense of the word. From the moment he started his public ministry he corrected our worldview of who God is in every story he gave us the accurate response of how the father would respond. 1 John 1:1-5

He had the most trouble with the Pharisees. They were schooled in the letter of the law Jesus proved through the way he lived his life that God is first love before the law (I desire mercy not sacrifice). The wrong interpretation of the father can be seen by those who use the word to condemn. The character and nature of God is who Jesus revealed through every action he took was to reveal his father. Luke 8.. He translated the language of heaven to man so that we could use his example to model our behaviors by discovering what is in the mind of God for any area of life. That is why when we read the bible we must see in pictures the attitudes, actions, and responses, of Jesus as he has accurately interrupted the father to the world. There is no greater love than he who would lay his life down for his friends the greatest way to interrupt Christ to the world is to die to self and serve humanity through your gifts and talents. As a spoon serves a purpose, or a chair, table, or a pen, you are an instrument in the hand of God, when we serve man we are serving God. The greatest way to interpret Christ is to always walk in total submission to the instructions of God exalting the word above yourself as the standard that you set for yourself, to be the first reflection is to know the written word of Christ is handwritten into your actions, attitudes, and responses, revealing the God nature to man in word and deed expresses the beauty of his name to all men. John 8:12

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