Can you cause the sun to rise in the east and set in the west? Or provide rainfall for the saturation of life to overflow on the surface of the earth? Or cause the next breath of oxygen to be available for the survival of man and beast alike? Can you cause the seed of the ground to grow and produce a harvest? Can you give sight to your eyes or cause the ear to hear? 
     These products that the earth continually produces and the functions of the body are set in place for your benefit. Does it not speak of the great love of God for all his creation? John 1:1-5.... He is not man, nor do his thoughts equal or are compared to the perspective and worldview of the carnal mind of man. 

        Isaiah 55:8...His thoughts are far above the conducive environment of the earth, all that is in the earth that became visible is a small view into the magnificence of God. Even the ground the sole of the foot treads is beyond human comprehension that he could walk upon. Though God has crowned the earth with his exact image and likeness in man, when we limit our perspective to the lower mind of man and his thinking, we haven’t entered in to the knowledge of the awesomeness of God, for he is magnificent to comprehend in comparison to the viewpoint of man. 

Psalm 136...Have you ever thought when you go to a place of prayer the privilege and the honor that God would listen to the cares and concerns of his people? Yet he’s too magnificent to comprehend, for could we place one star in the night sky or cause the wind to change direction, yet he listens to the heart cry of man, that he would honor and consider even the least of all men, as he sees himself in people. He is the great I am, yet he visits the lowly heart of man, his mind and thoughts he has towards the orphan, widow, the lame, the sick, and the disenfranchised, 1John the thought that concerns his heart. Yet we turn aside his treasure in earthen vessels, as we have our own biases according to our perception of life.         God is good and his mercy endures forever, he sees all hearts, he judges not by works, his plans for man is good. In his mercy he directs the hearts of kings to be led according to his will, he hardens the hearts of whom he chooses and has mercy on those he has predestined and ordained for his purpose and plan who can comprehend our God? Colo 1:15-20 

     He shuts and opens doors according to his will for he directs the feet of man, though man plans his way God directs his path. What a mighty God who causes all things to work together for his good, he captures the attention of his people, by his grace he has redeem us to himself through the truth of his word. For his word sustains the weary he causes them to rise on eagles’ wings above the storms. John 6:63...He causes the deer to give birth in dew season and feeds the sparrow, how much more does he care for man? We make his heart happy when we care for his concern, that we would lay down our life and take up our cross and follow him to be led out by his hand. That his kingdom and his will is our first concern, he causes all things that you need to come to pass when you’re not concerned with material needs. When his concern is your first concern, he will cause all that you need to be made available, John don’t even need to look, he provides before you even knew you needed what you did not ask for.
   Duet 8:18.. When we stop looking for money and material resources as our primary need but look wholeheartedly for the need of his kingdom, you won’t need to care for a thing, it’s already made available, he is an awesome God who honors his word above his name. 
    Mathew 6:33    We enter into his promises when we access the principles he has set as a standard it brings life and life in abundance for all his ways are good. When we learn to make all our decisions based on his ways you cause your life to walk on the narrow road, though the path is difficult and few find it, it is the most rewarding life one could desire as there is nothing in this world that can compare to understanding and knowing the magnificence of God. To give up your life for his will is incomparable to anything you could receive from this world, as all things pertaining to life come from walking in his ways. 

His wisdom is our direction
His knowledge is our instruction
His power is our protection 
His justice our surety 
His love our comfort 
His mercy our solace 
And his immutability our trust. – Charles Spurgeon 

Mathew 10:39....We are cheated when we try to keep our life then you lose it. The wisdom in the ways of God is only discovered when you walk in it, Prov 3:3-6... then you discover true life. .  
  Heb 12-1-10.....Faith is the access key to the resources of heaven until you step out by faith you cannot discover what you cannot comprehend until it is experienced. John 8:32...His truth is the life giver as it is the seed that contains life, if we love the truth, obsess over the truth, and eat of it, we are given life we acknowledge the awesomeness of God when we apply his truth to our lives. What we are saying with our actions is your way means more than what I could ever discover in a whole lifetime, by choosing my own way I negate the purpose for his creation, for his ways are good. 

The horse gallops in freedom when he accesses the purpose for his creation, as the eagle fly’s above the earth it is only when he finds his wings does he soar. When we discover the purpose for our creation we take on the beauty of God’s creation and original mandate for our lives. That is walking in freedom, as a fish swims in water and a tree is sustained from the soil it lives in the environment that it was created for to sustain life, how much more man when we are sustained by the life of God? If we came out of the breath of the omnipresent and omniscient God we are life givers like him, to live is to give life to others as that is bearing witness to his name for his name is life. When we imitate his ways in all that we do we reflect our original nature, when we see out of a mind that is illuminated with an understanding of his name. Phillp 3:10... We enter into the knowledge of God by partaking of the attributes of God through a walk of complete self-denial is the path of discovering the mightiness and holiness of his name. 

Psalm 51....Frankincense and myrrh, he does not delight but a broken and contrite heart he will not despise. 
   When we empty ourselves of our self-life and open up to being poor in the spirit you welcome the blessedness of Christ as this is the path of discovering the ways of God. His ways are not our ways, what man adores God despises, Eph 5:10..when we walk in the narrowmindedness of the perspective that belongs to this earth you cannot understand the nature and character of God until you lay it all down at his feet and learn to look from his point of view you will see life through the lens of coming from above. That is when you’re not subject to the elements of this life as you walk by faith. 
        Isaiah 9:6...For unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government will be upon his shoulders. A child is an heir, he is no better than a slave as he is dependent on others to do for him, whereas a son walks in authority he is not dependent, he takes on the challenges as his task to cause the will of God to come to pass. A child doesn’t have maturity to manage the resources until he understands the ways of God that was why the children of Israel had different access to the knowledge of God as a child couldn’t be trusted he will squander that trust, but Moses was given a different access as he desired to honor God. For the Lord gives and takes away, he knows those who are his, by the words of your mouth you will be justified or condemned. He has called you to live according to his original assignment for life that we would take dominion of the land by walking in the ways of God. Micah 6:8
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Written by Rochelle White
Edited by E.B.Victor

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