Poison of Grudges

             Poison of Grudges.

           It takes less than 0.5 seconds for a snake to strike and bite its prey. This is faster than the human eye can see the danger and the brain can process it—let alone react to it. Reaction to the danger takes another full second, which means you can become a victim of a snake’s deadly venom before you even know it!
       The same can be said about holding a grudge. The offense can be sudden and the ill results can run deep.
       Holding a grudge can have deadly effects on our character and relationships. Hatred, jealousy and an unforgiving attitude can be the consequences as the “deadly venom” spreads and overtakes our interactions with others.
     You could also be thinking: “Don’t I have a right to be angry sometimes?” or “Anyone would be offended if they had to put up with this or that from another person.”
     To be clear, all people can be annoyed every now and then by the actions of others. Sometimes they can actually become angry. Righteous anger is an emotion given by God to express feelings when we are unhappy. Even God can be angry (Psa. 7:11).
      An expression of anger from time to time and when appropriate can help others understand our expectations and boundaries. But God gives us limits on how we are to express it (Eph. 4:26)
      One way to prevent this is to always have an attitude of forgiveness. This is better than trying to remember to forgive after each and every time someone has offended us.
      Having a mindset of forgiveness helps prepare us for any offense that may come our way. This is like already having a vial of antidote before you are bitten by a poisonous snake, instead of trying to find the antidote once you are bitten and the poison begins to take effect.
      Another helpful way to prevent a grudge is to remember that we also make mistakes and can offend others. If we were to make a list of our errors, it would definitely be long.
     Human beings are prone to slipups. Every time a person offends you, remember he is human and can make mistakes. This will help put you in the right mindset and deal with the anger you feel.
      An additional tip is to not be afraid to talk about the problem with the person who hurt you. God has given us a formula to deal with those who upset us. It is actually a command.
       God instructs us to go to the person and have a one-on-one conversation about the issue (Matt. 18:15). This provides the opportunity for you to explain why you are unhappy and also gives the other person a chance to explain his or her side of the story.
     Many grudges result from misunderstandings. By having an attitude of forgiveness and remembering your own mistakes, however, you are more likely to approach the situation in a godly manner.
     Even with the guidelines above, it is not easy to forgive and forget. To do so at the level God expects takes real character—godly character.
      Only through the love of God can we show the proper level of outgoing concern required to cover up someone else’s wrongs and drive bitterness and resentment from our hearts. God’s love and the real power to forgive come through His Holy Spirit.
      It is the power of God that gives you the cure against the poison of a grudge.
    Writer  E.B.VICTOR

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