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     The sum total of your choices today is building tomorrows future according to the laws and principles you apply to your life. Before a house is established there was a plan for its construction. It wasn’t a mistake that came to be without constant action towards its progress, one had seen a vision of the future and through time and labor his picture became a reality. Life is not built by mistake, you are where you are today because of the actions you took yesterday. You could imagine the products your life produces going through a big machine creating the end results of your daily actions through the process you follow every day. You can measure life accurately by what products are the end result of your day. Have you got a goal and a vision for the future where you want to be in five years and beyond? The picture you see is not built by chance, there must be actions you take everyday that is building the future. 
      Everything that exists in your life does so because of two things: something you did or something you didn’t do.
     Do you have a vision for your finances, your family, who are the people you want to effect? Unless you apply the necessary steps nothing will happen. We don’t build life with our eyes we build life from a position of knowledge and understanding. This takes patience to sit down and assess life by the products you’re producing, if you’re not fully satisfied it means you have to construct another plan.    
   This process always starts at the end before you begin, we are following God’s model as before He begins anything He has already seen the end. We just need to look at creation to see the mind of God, everything He created is built on the perfection of laws to assure what He creates will produce the product He had seen in His mind. 
   The clouds, a structure as a part of a system to give life to the earth. He had to create a whole continuum of processes that would produce his desired end result. Everything in creation is built with this goal in mind. Once you have defined the end then you start at the beginning like constructing a manufacturing line assembling all the parts together step by step building the end that you see. The more detailed you are in the process is creating the product type you see at the end result. For example, saving without a portfolio of investments to create multiplication is an unfinished system, it won’t produce the product that you desire to see as the end result. Its like baking bread but not finishing the process, therefore, you can’t achieve your desired end goal. Every part of life is successful when you create an ordered process of production anything left unfinished is as good as not doing it at all. 
      If we just observe nature, if a bird didn’t build a nest for her babies the process wouldn’t achieve the desired end result. That is why we build life according to laws and principles that we know will produce exactly what we want to see. If you don’t aim at anything your throw will be miscalculated, like running around a sports field without the ultimate objective to score goals to win. You’re not playing the field for fun you must have a concrete target of aim. This takes strategic planning, if you don’t have enough information to know what you need to do you just need to find those who’ve already done what you want to do and discover the laws and principles they applied to achieve the end goal. One who reaches the end of a marathon didn’t pass through the finish line by chance, that was years of preparation the process they went through to achieve their chief aim. 

All of life is like that, nothing is built by mystery, that is not the way God created life, there is a process for every product He made, nothing in creation skips laws and principles as that is not the order of life. We just need to look at the reproduction cycle he has put in trees, people, fish, animals, and vegetation, without the fixed laws that must be followed there wouldn’t be a reliable system. We have been given the mind of God when we use it to create and build like him we bring glory to the one who created us to reflect his image. Animals can build a habitat, but they haven’t been given the innovative and creative mind to assimilate truth and break it down into parts and create from understanding of laws and principles. 

This is seen in all spheres, houses, cars, trains, roads, motorbikes, and industries, have all come from the mind of man, reflecting the God nature that creates. None of these products were built by chance, one had to use a creative process to put the laws and principles together to build what he had seen in his mind. 
    When you have no goals time is squandered, as you haven’t set order into your daily routine, if you want to be an actor, unless you’re moving towards that goal it is just a dream, you need to be concrete and specific. This is how you arrange life by building towards the vision you see. If you see the end goal, now you have to draw the road map to get there. 
     If your end goal is to build a business have you got the road map? If not, you have to specify all the details then apply action with a time limit set as a deadline. Everything is possible once you have a picture of how you are going to get there, if you have the discipline to stick to your goals its easy, it’s just a matter of going through the process. All you need is to know the roads to take and the willingness to go through the process and pay the price of discipline and everything is achievable. The decisions you make today are creating future, every small action that is consistently taken toward a given direction will eventually cause you to arrive at your destination if you have a direction of aim. 
Brethren,Nothing great is built by chance, you have to make calculations based on laws and principles given by God and you will surely arrive.  

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