Your response to little things determines your whole life. Everybody comes into this world with a different set of variables, where he’s born, his ethnicity, his family heritage, his name, language, status, whether he is born in a middle class, rich, or poor family, a Christian home, or an Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, new age, or under the canopy of a revolutionary. 
    Therefore, it’s fair to say, all are given different conditions at birth, some people look at that from the perspective that others are more blessed than themselves, as they were born with the silver spoon they didn’t have the hardships I’ve had to face. One with this attitude will not go far in life such person will fail to see the little he has in his hand is given to all and the same. 

God is not partial, he doesn’t pick and choose who is blessed and who is not. The temptation to observe the life of others and make quick assumptions from our own viewpoint reveals we don’t understand the design of life, or the tremendous wealth God has given to all people. It doesn’t matter the state of the economy, or the family background you have, whether you were given little or given much is still not the determining factor of what becomes of you, they are simply outside vectors that all are given in different measures, it’s what you do with the little that you have determines your destiny. 

The truth is everything is hidden behind your response. When the titanic was sinking and there were only enough life boats to save a select number of people, there were different responses yet all were faced with the same mortality. Some were panicking and pushing aside others as to save themselves, others were praying, others were at peace, there ultimate outcome was hidden behind their response to the situation that was presented to them, money couldn’t save them, it was dependent on a different set of margins as to there fate. There is a cause that explains why you’re flourishing or why you’re not in different parts of your life, either it’s in wealth, relationships, or ministry. The state of your, physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing, is dependent on your attitude and response to the smallest of decisions you make every day. 

We all started life at the same place, we came into this world naked and naked we will leave, the difference in people is how faithful they’ve been with the little they have. When you have worked hard for every cent, you will have a high value for the one dollar as you know the sweat and hard work that went into making that money. How we respond to other people’s resources that we didn’t work for is the real test of who you are. We value what we have worked for because we know the effort that has gone in to make that small amount of money, that is why we don’t like it when people disrespect or have no understanding of how hard we had to work for that money and they just squander it. This is the test God puts us all through, how will we respond to the resources of another person’s hard work. Would we treat the dollar that we made with more respect than the dollar that someone else made? Do we see that as an opportunity to take advantage of someone else because we didn’t have to work hard for it? You don’t really know the worth of something unless you’ve had to invest in labor to produce, then your attitude to what you have created from nothing will be respected. How frugal or shrewd we are with the small things will determine your future. 

Self-made millionaires are men of excellence, as they understand laws and principles that got them there, they understood the laws of multiplication, they have proved by there outcome they are faithful with that which is small. While the poor man thinks in his heart why won’t he give me some of his wealth? That is a revelation why the poor are poor and the rich are rich because of his attitude to money. The poor man doesn’t honor the hard work the rich man has gone through to get to where he is. If money was handed on a silver platter to a poor man who’s not schooled in the right knowledge of how to handle wealth, he will just spend up large and not be studious with using that money to invest in his future, as it was easy money he will squander that trust. That is why God won’t give wealth and riches into the hand of the poor because of his wrong attitude, even if he was given one million dollars before you know it he will squander it. But the one who has laboured hard, who has researched and found ways to bring multiplication will have a completely different attitude to money. He will not just throw it away like a disposable income that’s not valued. 

When a rich man dies and the inheritance is passed on to one who hasn’t laboured or understood that money is an exchange of the man’s life, what he did on a daily basis to invest and make the small thing that he had grow big. The one who hasn’t had to go through that process could see it as an opportunity for a shopping spree and fling money around as it’s not the sweat of his brow. Everything is hidden behind our response to small things not only in money but everything God has given you to steward. Life is about stewardship, your family, the way you respond to your purpose, the way you keep your house and material possessions, your diet and exercise, good or bad your investment or lack of it will grow. 

That is why the bible says there is a hedge of thorns laid up for the sluggard, his daily lack of diligence and care has grown to produce a harvest of thorns that will pain him every day. That process started small by his attitude to not pay the price where he needed to invest. He was not faithful to steward his resources, he would rather fold his arms and before he knows it there are pains all around, as he didn’t invest his time to take care of what he had, therefore, it went through a gradual process of entropy which is a slow and steady decline from order to disorder as one was not faithful with the little decision. 

There are things that life demands of every person living on the surface of the earth. – Sunday Adelaja 

This is at the root of every outcome in your life good or bad, the reason one is a CEO in a large corporation or one is in imprisoned by poverty has everything to do with his attitude to small things. One has grown big on one end of the scale while the other has gone in gradual decline this is why we must pay the price for anything we want in life. God is not partial, he has given all men an equal wealth the currency of time, it is what we do with the greatest wealth given to all men as to where your future is going. You could either squander time and let it pass you by and not invest in developing yourself or you could be studious with every passing minute. You may not have material wealth as yet but you are dealing with a greater wealth invest in what no one can steal from you. 

Hasan Bolt, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss, are products of what they have done with their time. They started where you and I started, it all begins with a small decision not to waste the one minute that you have. You must specify what is important to you by the values that are your driving force every day, whether you know it or not. If God, family, work, self-education, relationships and prosperity, are your greatest values you will see it by the response you have towards your daily investment. Do you toss it aside as disposable or are you studious with the little decision to make the small seed grow into something big because of your attitude? Study how you respond to the small things, if you change your attitude to that which is small you will watch your whole life take on greater heights and fly above the storms, because your attitude to the small is to be as studious as you possibly can. Your attitude to that which is small determines every outcome in your life.
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Unknown said…
Thanks brethren for the teaching about the difference between Holiness and righteousness, I couldn't differentiate them clearly, until now when I read your article.God bless you more and more.
Unknown said…
I also run a church in a remote area of Uganda,called "Jesus is Lord Christian ministries". I loved your teaching,we can always link up and work together to extend the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.
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